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Carpet Cleaning Services Work from Home Business

What it Takes to Start a Carpet Cleaning Services Home Business

By Ron Dicker

(LifeWire) - Overview of a Carpet Cleaning Services Home Business

Those who provide carpet cleaning services know their shags from their plushes, and how to get them dirt- and bacteria-free in both residential and commercial settings. Companies charge either by the room (typically sight unseen) or by the square foot (usually with an in-person estimate). On average, companies charge 30 cents per square foot, and generally aim to make between $80 and $100 an hour. The demand for cleaning operations for homes and business are expected to climb 14% through 2016, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Carpet cleaners can also go the franchise route. For example, Stanley Steemer charges a $20,000 franchise fee with a royalty fee of 7%.

Pros of a Carpet Cleaning Services Work from Home Business

  • Most homes and businesses are carpeted, creating plenty of opportunities.
  • Most customers have their carpets cleaned at least once a year, generating plenty of repeat business.
  • Freshly cleaned carpeting enhances a room, creating immediate customer satisfaction.
  • New chemicals -- environmentally sound and not -- are always being developed to make the job easier.
  • Previous experience not required.
Cons of a Carpet Cleaning Services Work from Home Business
  • You'll get dirty.
  • Occasional disagreements over estimates can damage customer relations.
  • Mechanical breakdown of the equipment your carpet cleaning services work from home business uses can bring business screeching to a halt.
  • There's lots of competition in the carpet cleaning services industry.
What You Need to Get Started in a Carpet Cleaning Services Work from Home Business
  • A powerful, industrial-strength carpet-cleaning machine, which costs about $2,000, plus a vehicle in which to transport it.
  • Money for bonding fees, insurance and licensing, if required.
  • The initiative to make cold-call sales visits to drum up carpet cleaning business, particularly at offices and other commercial enterprises.
  • Capital to advertise online and in print.
  • Business cards and signage on your vehicle to promote yourself.
  • A website with which to market your carpet cleaning services.
  • Research to find the best suppliers to get the best deals and best products.

Carpet Cleaning Services Work from Home Business: Real Life Example

BH Carpet Cleaners in Beverly Hills, Calif., is a small carpet cleaning business that has earned Citysearch.com's "Best of Los Angeles" award three years running, from both readers and Citysearch.com. The father-son operation has grown to 15,000 clients and continues to attract more through its website, which offers immediate estimates on its online form. The form takes into account square footage, number of rooms, types of stains and more. "We make sure to start with a good first impression by helping potential customers learn as much as possible about us through our references, history and work experience," co-owner Mark Talson says on the company's website.

LifeWire, a part of The New York Times Company, provides original and syndicated online lifestyle content. Ron Dicker is a New York-based freelance writer who covered sports for the New York Times from 1996 to 2005.
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