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Cozi: An Online Family Calendar Review

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Cozi: An Online Family Calendar Review
Why should family affairs be treated any different than business affairs? They shouldn't. Managing family details are just as important as running a successful business. So how is it possible to run your family life like a fortune 500 company? One word, Cozi.

Product Summary:

Cozi is a FREE online calendar designed to organize your family life. Great for any kind of family, and an especially useful tool for work-at-home-moms juggling just about everything. The system has a shared calendaring feature, smart phone app, to-do/grocery lists and color coded family identifier and assignment features.


Family Calendar: No more refrigerator white board with color-coded magnets. Cozi has taken this old family practice and moved it into the new millennium. Now you can load in your family members, assign them a color and include their cell phone or email for notifications. Once you create a calendar item, you can assign it to whomever it affects and then have it send out a reminder via a text or email (whichever is the user's preference). In addition, it emails out an upcoming weekly agenda each Sunday to the entire family. You can sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook, add Internet calendars or add Cozi to your Vista sidebar. My family uses this calendar and it has done wonders to keep me and my spouse in sync.

Journal & Newsletter Feature: The journal feature allows you to jot down family details, or anecdotes, attach a picture and if you choose, later send it as an email newsletter to your friends and/or extended family. You can even have your journal published to a private website. This could replace trying to keep up a family blog or just act as a place to collect your thoughts for your own personal journal.

Mobile Application: If you are a smart phone user, you can use Cozi directly from your Android or iPhone. Mobile is a must.

Grocery List: It is now impossible for my husband to lose the grocery list! Because we use the iPhone application he has access to my grocery list in real-time and can grab the items I need on the way home from work.

Set-Up: Super easy set-up. Even the most mild internet user could figure out how to set this up and use it for their family.


To-Do List: The to-do list feature allows you to add dates to items which are time sensitive, automatically including the item on your calendar. However, within the list feature it doesn't allow you to set up a reminder notification for that item. You have to into the calendar and find the item and then set-up a reminder. A bit cumbersome.

Ads: Within the free version, it has ads and a few features running within your home page dashboard and along the right-hand side. I didn't find these invasive and if you opt to upgrade to their premium paid version, these go away.


A glowing recommendation! I use this daily for my family and it has allowed me to stay organized and more efficient with my family affairs. I suggest creating an account and setting Cozi as your homepage so that all your family details are front and center.
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