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7 To-Do List Software & Organization Tools

Its Time To Toss the Post-Its


If you are an individual juggling many different role, undoubtedly you are strapped for time. In order to strike that perfect balance between work and home, it requires an organized and prioritized to-do-list. Whether you are a guru at keeping it all together or just plain struggle, consider some of these excellent FREE or low cost to-do list software and organization tools to help you manage your time more effectively:

1. Todoist

“Todoist features a simple and intuitive interface that helps you get organized without getting in your way. Set due dates on your tasks and get an overview of what needs to get done today, tomorrow or next Wednesday.” 

This tool is simple and somewhat intuitive.  It would suit basic needs just fine.  For some, it could get a little confusing with their drag and drop features.    This tools comes with a built-in calendar and alerts for your date sensitive to-dos.  There is a FREE version and a premium version with more features.

2. Ta-da List

”Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. It couldn’t be simpler.”. 

This tool is just that, a list.  You can create item lists and check it off.  Simple and organized, but I didn’t see any way to connect it to a calendar or add dates etc.  Perfect for the type-A list maker - no more post-its everywhere!  Only one version and it is FREE.

3. Evernote

“Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.”

I really like Evernote and I use it everyday.  It isn’t a "to-do" tool for me, but rather an information organizer or idea catcher.  I put down thoughts, book mark websites (it works with all browsers), work information and personal information.  You then add "tags" which organizes your stuff into useful, easy to find buckets.  So later, say for my writing, I can pull up my “accounting” files bucket and start looking at all the notes, past ideas and websites I have on this subject.  Brilliant!  Has a smartphone app and is FREE! 



4. Backpack

"Better Organize Your Business.  Backpack is an easy intranet for your business. Store, share, discuss, and archive everything that’s essential for your team. Safe and secure.”

Very cool tool.  This is a much more robust time management tool than others I have seen.  It offers organization, group calendaring and file sharing. It has received numerous accolades from well-known publications.  It costs, so consider your business.  If you are a freelancer who needs to collaborate or a small business with employees, consider what this tool can do to streamline and organize your business information. NOT FREE, but could be worth paying for.



5. Remember The Milk

”Manage tasks quickly and easily. Get reminded, anywhere. Organize the way you want to. Locate your tasks. Work together to get things done. Add tasks wherever you are.”

This is a good robust application with calendaring feature and smart phone sync.  There is even a feature that syncs with your GPS to locate where your tasks are so that you can run errands more efficiently. It also allows you to receive reminders or alerts from AIM, Skype, SMS (text) etc.  This is FREE and a great choice to consider!


6. Vitalist

“Vitalist is an online "getting things done" software that is all about categorizing what you need to get done into specific lists or buckets.” 

This is a nice tool, especially for a sole-proprietor.  It is based off organization guru,  David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology. The tool is a personal organization and productivity system. For a small DIY business owner, the FREE version might suffice, and if not, the next level up is around $5/mo.  There is a iPhone app that coordinates with the online tool. 


7. Nirvana

”Nirvana is all about getting things out of your head and into a trusted system, then effortlessly drilling down to the thing you should be doing right now.” 

This is another nice and comprehensive organization tool.  It seems to allow for flexiblilty.  No smartphone app yet, but it will coordinate with your email account.   Similar in features to the tool Vitalist.  This tool is currently in beta testing and is FREE, but once testing is completed it will have free and paid versions. 


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