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Business Plan Format

Products or Services Section


This section of your business plan format will vary depending on whether you plan to offer products or services or a combination of the two. Essentially, this section of the business plan discusses what your product or service offerings are, why there is a need for them, and the products or service offerings of your competitors.

Include in this section:

  • A description of the products or services you are offering or plan to offer
  • A competitive comparison of the products or services your competitors offer in relation to yours
  • Sales literature you plan to use, including information about your marketing collateral materials and the role your website will play in your sales efforts
  • A paragraph of so on how orders from your customers will be processed or "fulfilled"
  • Any special needs required for your products or services, such as up-to-date computer equipment

If you are offering a product that is subject to patenting, include any patent information as well as any legal issues or barriers that might affect the products or services you currently offer or plan to offer in the future.

Sample Business Plan Format - Services

Here is the Services section of a sample business plan. The business plan format is fairly standard, and in this example the format was created using business plan software.

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For those of you who would like to go into a bit more detail on how to write a business plan or the best business plan format to use, voice your ideas, suggestions or frustrations , I welcome you to participate in the discussion on this topic in the Business Plans folder in the About Home Business Forum.

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