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Steps to Write a Business Plan

Funding Request Section


Preparing the Funding Request section is one of the steps to write a business plan only if you are writing your business plan for the purpose of securing outside funding. If you are not seeking outside funds right now, you can omit this section. You may also decide to use this area as a place to provide information on your financial plans - such as when you might need funding and how much it will take to grow your business in the future, along with the possible sources you could consider for securing your funds. Then, update this section when you actually need outside funding for additional research and development, manufacturing, equipment, facilities, staffing, etc.

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For those of you who would like to go into a bit more detail on the steps to write a business or would like more input on business plan examples or suggestions, I welcome you to participate in the discussion on this topic in the Business Plans folder in the About Home Business Forum.

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