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Do You Put Out a List of Legitimate Work at Home Businesses?


Create Your Own Legitimate Work at Home Business
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Question: Do You Put Out a List of Legitimate Work at Home Businesses?
I'm often asked to recommend a "legitimate work at home business" or compile a list of legitimate work at home businesses I endorse. This question always suggests to me that the reader is looking for an opportunity to buy into an existing business they can do at home that is not going to end up being a scam where they end up getting ripped off.

In a word, "No", I do not provide a listing of work at home legitimate businesses, because you are referring to a "home business opportunity" where you buy into someone else's success "system". Why?

  1. I really haven't found any I thought were worth the investment of money or time.
  2. I don't want to give the appearance that I endorse specific work at home businesses as legitimate.

If you really want to operate a legitimate work at home business, the surefire way to do that is to create your own. That way you insure that you won't get ripped off. You'll feel more committed to a business your create yourself and won't be tempted to flit from one "opportunity" to another. You'll be more likely to succeed as well, because your home business will be "your own baby". Otherwise, if you absolutely will not attempt this on your own, stick to the household names - like Avon, or perhaps Mary Kay or Amway - but even those business have issues due to their very low, true success rates and many are based on multi-level marketing (MLM), at which very few succeed.

I will provide what I hope are unbiased reports on work at home business opportunities from time to time (an example is The Traveling Vineyard) but it's up to you to decide if these opportunities are appropriate for you.

My advice has always been that when you decide to buy into someone else's "system" for making money you are setting yourself up for failure because all you end up doing is making THEM successful - not you. In the vast majority of cases, you won't even get your initial investment back. Additionally, if I published a list of what I considered to be "legitimate work at home businesses", some readers might be inclined to exclude other opportunities that might be considered perfectly legitimate because they weren't on the list.

There are loads of legitimate work at home business ideas throughout this site, along with lots of advice on getting started, planning for your business, managing and marketing it and growing your business. All of this information is free. Use it to your advantage and develop your own legitimate work at home business.

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