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5 Computer Home Based Businesses

If You Love Computers Here are Some Home Business Ideas for You


If you've been thinking about starting a computer home based business because you're a whiz with computer hardware, software or the Internet, here are some home based business ideas to get you thinking.

Computers have become a way of life. That means there are potentially loads of customers for you to approach and start building a home based business you'll enjoy. Lots of people just don't understand them, making your home based computer business all the more in demand.

1. Home Based Computer Tutor Business

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Just because we live in a computer age doesn't mean that everyone is computer-savvy. That's where the computer tutor comes in. A home based computer tutor teaches individuals and businesses how to best use their computer programs and the Internet, typically by appointment at the client's location.

This was the first home based business I tried where I actually made some money. Although I had to go out nights and weekends, I found it enjoyable because I like computers and because I like helping other people. If you can understand the needs of the pupils who became your client and can relate to them on a level they can handle, you could prosper in this computer related home based business.

2. Home Based Computer Repair Business

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While companies often require their computer techs to have a college degree in computer science, a computer repair home based business owners' customers often just want someone who can fix, clean or replace their hardware and software on time, on budget, with a smile.

Plenty of computer geniuses who were employed in high tech have lost their jobs. Many lost their jobs to overseas call centers whose employees were willing to work for a fraction of the cost. With a computer home based business like this one, you'll be needed at the client's home or business - so overseas is not an option. In addition to repair, you might consider offering computer home or home based business networking services too.

3. Home Based Desktop Publishing Business

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If you've been considering a computer home based business and you're good with page layout and graphics, you might consider a desktop publishing small business from home.,/p>

Among the many tasks desktop publishers perform are producing books, newsletters, magazines, brochures, Internet content and graphic design for logos and signage. Other home based businesses are great potential clients as they often need marketing collateral to get or keep their business going.

4. Internet Marketing Services Business

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This computer home based business isn't so much about computers themselves, but the techniques necessary for successful Internet marketing. It's all about knowing what's available, like SEO, PPC, website promotion and social networking. Again, other home based businesses would provide a great source of leads and you wouldn't be restricted to servicing clients only in your local neighborhood as this home based business is perfect for working virtually.

The latest rage is mobile Internet marketing and if you could specialize in this area you could build a very profitable client base for your home based business for many years to come.

5. Home Based Web Design Business

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Building websites is a great computer related home based business because the Internet continues to expand and grow. As the number of home based businesses grows, your client base expands, too. As you get knowledgeable and build a great web design portfolio, you can service larger business clients from the comfort of your home office, too.

With this computer home based business you decide whether you want to work only with local clients with whom you'll meet face-to-face, on a worldwide or nationwide basis offering your services virtually from home all the time, or a combination of both.

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