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Business Cards and Your Business Identity

Ordering Business Cards


Calling Cards for Your Home-Based Business

Another important business identity component is your business card. Once you have your business name, tagline, address, phone number, and logo, designing a business card for your home-based business should be fairly easy.

Creating Your Own Business Cards

You can design your own business card if you have some artistic talent and know what resolution to use, if there are any color limitations, and the file formats that are accepted by your print vendor.

You can also use business card templates provided with graphic design software tools, like Microsoft's Publisher. Just be sure to watch your output requirements and the file types supported by your printing service.

Your Business Cards Must Look Professional

I originally created my own business cards and printed them on perforated business card stock from a local office supply store. After all, I have a decent printer and a fairly good eye for layout and color. They still looked cheap.

Unless you are an absolute expert, homemade business cards never quite come off as the real thing. Since a business card is often your first impression on a prospect, you don't want to jeopardize getting new business because you didn't bother to have your business cards professionally printed. A supply of business cards will last a long time and won't set you back a fortune. Look for bargains.

Give Your Clients a Card They'll Want to Keep

Plenty of options are available when ordering your business cards. You might consider including a calendar on the back of your business card as those you give it to might be more inclined to hang on to it and to look at it often.

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