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Interactive Marketing



Interactive marketing is a rapidly growing online trend moving from a one-sided customer interaction to a conversation. This trend is being propelled by improved Internet technology and the costumer’s desire for a better online user experience. Customers want a business to address them directly and remember what type of history they have had together. This includes past purchases, communication preferences and product interests. It also includes giving the customer power to provide moment-to-moment feedback on products and the company itself.

Example of Interactive Marketing:

One of the biggest innovators in interactive marketing is Amazon.com. They collect and digest past visitor behavior, allowing them to show meaningful information in the present. Amazon offers “suggested reading” selections based off of previous book searches or purchases. This type of online environment makes for a very comfortable and personal shopping experience, leading to longer stays within a site (sometimes referred to as “site stickiness”) and more purchases (also referred to as conversions).

Like Amazon.com, many B2C retail websites have begun to use interactive marketing techniques to improve their conversions.

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