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What is Direct Selling?



Direct selling is the action of marketing and selling products directly to the consumer in a non-retail environment (i.e. within a home or work location). These products may or may not be found within a typical retail location. There are many different direct selling tactics, including sales made through one-on-one demonstrations, home parties, catalogs, internet, phone or door-to-door sales.

Direct selling is not necessarily direct marketing. Direct selling is when individual salespeople reach out to consumers directly, whereas direct marketing is when a company markets directly to the consumer, bypassing distributors or other middle-men.

Direct selling is often found in connection with a multi-level marketing environment. This is where the direct salesperson is compensated for personally selling products and for the sales made by people he or she recruited to sell product. This is not to be confused with single-level marketing which is when a sales representative is only paid for the sales he or she personally makes.

Also Known As: Direct Sales, Personal Sales, One-on-One Sales, Door-to-Door Sales
Often used synonymously with the terms Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing.
Common Misspellings: Direct Saleing, Direct Seling
  • I joined Avon as an independent representative so that I could utilize my direct selling skills to reach out to consumers.

  • Direct selling can use many different types of marketing strategies, including door-to-door sales, phone sales and product parties.

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