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AdSense is a trademark owned by Google for a program that allows website owners to display ads on their websites. When a website visitor clicks the ad, the site owner receives revenue from the AdSense program, which Google receives from the advertiser.

AdSense is free to join and Google makes it easy to set up. AdSense members have several options they can use in filtering ads from advertisers that the owners don't want to display on their site.

The AdSense online user tools also make it easy to set up the layout and color schemes as well as the types of AdSense ad units displayed so that the ads will not interfere with the color scheme or design of the AdSense member's website.

Once an AdSense member has at least $100 credit in his or her account, Google distributes payment to the member, provided the member (website owner who agrees to display the ads) has met all of Google's rules that are part of the AdSense program.

The importance of AdSense for a home business proprietor is two-fold:

  1. AdSense can provide a means to monetize a home business website, which can add a new source of revenue for the business and/or help pay for the cost of hosting and maintaining the website.
  2. AdSense can be a home business in and of itself. Many people have found ways to make at least a part-time living through the AdSense program.

Types of AdSense Ads

Google frequently experiments with different types of ads to display on its AdSense network, including:

  • Text ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
Pronunciation: goo gull add cents
Also Known As: Google AdSense
Common Misspellings: AdCents, AdScense, Add Scence, Add Cents

AdSense is a Google program that allows website owners to make money from displaying ads on their site. This model of receiving ad revenues makes it possible for many to have a home business on the Internet.

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