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Keywords - Keyword Research



Keywords are single words or phrases used by searchers when trying to locate information on the web.

Keyword research is the process of deteriming what specific terms searchers use most frequently to find related information. The keyword research process generally involves using one or more fee-based or free keyword tools to determine the average number of people searching for a word or phrase per day (popularity) and then determining how many search results are returned for those keywords (competitiveness). The balance between keyword popularity and competitiveness is weighed to determine ideal search engine keyword selection.

Keywords and Keyword Research - Heart and Soul of Search Marketing

Keywords and keyword research are the heart of organic (unpaid) search engine optimization. Since nearly all websites have a primary goal of maximizing their incoming traffic and search engines are usually a significant source of that traffic, knowing which search engine keywords are popular and finding the collection of keywords and keyword phrases that can realistically be targeted for success based on their competitiveness is critical to any successful search engine optimization campaign.

Keywords and keyword research are also important in pay-per-click search marketing campaigns, such as Google AdWords. Knowing which search engine keywords are being used, determining how much it will take to bid in the top position for specific keywords and how well specific search engine keywords and keyword phrases convert to sales are all critical components of a successful pay-per-click search marketing campaign.

Also Known As: KW research, keyword analysis, search engine keywords
It's important to complete your keyword research before you attempt any Internet marketing efforts so you won't be focusing on search engine keywords that no one is using in a search or on keywords that are far too competitive for your site.

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