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Home-based business ideas can be helpful for those wanting to start a business to get them thinking about what it is they might do in their own business.
NOTE: Neither your guide to Home Business nor About.com endorse any specific business opportunities that may be featured on this site. The businesses profiled are only intended to stimulate thinking and give readers ideas of possible businesses or variations of existing businesses you might like to operate.
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Home Businesses You Can Start Today
Tips and ideas for home businesses you can start quickly and affordably.

75+ Home Business Ideas
The desire to work from home is rarely a problem. The issue comes in selecting an appropriate home business idea. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are over 75 proven home business ideas.

All the Different Ways to Work From Home
There are so many different ways to work from home, here is an in-depth review of work from home ideas, including telecommuting, multi-level marketing, consulting/freelancing and a home-based business.

6 Home Business Trends for 2014
Six profitable industries to start a home business.

Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website
Four easy ways to make money on your blog or website.

Flexible Home Business Ideas
Flexible home business ideas.

Six Summer Home Business Ideas
Six home business ideas for summer.

How to Buy a Home-Based Business
How to Buy an Existing Home Business

The Likelihood of MLM Success
Learn sobering success and income rates for the majority of multi-level marketing home businesses.

Earn Passive Income Through an E-Mail Course
How to make money with email courses

Self-Publish Your Book for Profit
Self-Publish for Profit: Tips To Writing, Publishing and Profiting with your Book

Company Directory: MLM / Network Marketing
A comprehensive multi-level marketing company directory detailing the various direct sales opportunities that can be run out of the home.

Tell Us About Your Work at Home Job
Readers are able to submit information about their work at home job and offer advice to those who want to work from home in finding a job that will allow them to. See submissions

8 Outdoor or Seasonal Home Based Business Ideas
Ready to see the sunshine and take in the summer smells during your work week? It might be time to consider the benefits of starting an outdoor or seasonal home based business. Here is a list of eight compelling outdoor or seasonal home based businesses. Get the scoop about the pros & cons, startup requirements and earning potential of each...

How to Make Money Blogging: The Dating Divas Home Business Profile
The Dating Divas online home business is a profile on how to take a simple blog and turn it into an online business with lots of income and visitors.

MLM Success Starter Guide
Use this guide to explore the different MLM opportunities available, scams to watch out for and tips to make your MLM business more profitable.

Home Business Idea Profile - Direct Mail Marketing Services - BeYohnd Mail
Many home businesses could use the power of direct mail to market their products. With a direct mailing service they can save time and improve their marketing bottom line. This interview with a direct mail entrepreneur describes how home businesses can leverage these turnkey direct mail solutions.

5 Computer Home Based Businesses
If you've been thinking about starting a computer home based business because you're a whiz with computer hardware, software or the Internet, here are some home based business ideas to get you thinking.

10 MLM Success Tips
Learn the tips you'll need to successfully navigate and manage your multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

5 Money Making Recession Resistant Home Business Ideas
In a recession, depression or other down times for the economy, money making ideas seem scarce. Here are 5 money making home business ideas that are recession resistant.

2012s Top 10 Home Business Franchises
Looking for home business ideas? Interested in something that is proven and less risky? Check out Entrepreneur's top 10 list of home business franchises for 2012.

2012s Top 20 Low Cost Franchise Opportunities
Want a proven and affordable home business? Here are 2012's top 20 cheapest franchises for under $50k.

2011's Cheapest Franchises
Looking for a cheap home business idea? Consider a franchise. Check out Entrepreneur's 195 Franchises You Can Start for Under $50k list for 2011.

Home Business Idea - Freelance Writer
Freelance writing as a home-based business is a great idea. It also offers better than average opportunities to work from home.

Internet Marketing Services Business
Internet markketing services - a look at starting and running an Internet marketing business home based business, the pros and cons, what you can expect to make and more about the joys and challenges of this home business.

Recession Proof Businesses - Your Thoughts
Readers respond with their thoughts on what are the best businesses in a recession and whether any business is truly recession proof.

How to Become a Freelancer
Becoming a freelancer is part of the American dream. Freelancing provides independence and the ability to work from home. This article on freelancing discusses how to become a freelancer and the benefits and disadvantages of freelancing.

8 Internet Business Ideas
Here are a collection of 8 Internet business ideas to get you thinking on how you might make money at home with an Internet business.

Guide to Freelancing
What you need to know to get started in freelancing and several ideas for services to offer on a freelance basis.

10 Home-Based Business Ideas for Moms
If you are a mom and want to work from home in order to spend more time with your kids then these 10 home business ideas especially for moms may be just the inspiration you need to strike out on your own and work from home.

5 Top Hobbies You Can Turn into a Home Business
Here's a look at five hobbies you might consider turning into a profitable home business. Wouldn't it be great if you could work every day doing what you love to do best - your favorite hobby? The beauty of making your favorite hobby a business is that you already love it, you know how to do it, and you can start your business part-time.

9 Part-Time Home Business Ideas
Many people have had a dream of starting their own business but are afraid to give up the security of their day job and risk everything on self employment. Others would like to find a way to supplement their income while doing something they love. Here are 10 business you can start from home part time and grow while you still have your full-time job. You're sure to learn a lot about running your …

5 Stimulating Work from Home Ideas for a Stay-at-Home Mom
5 Work from Home Ideas for Stay at Home Moms is an article by Misty Cryer-Davidson that was written as a response to the original 10 Home Business Ideas for Moms by giving a woman's perspective of the topic.

What Businesses are Good for Stay at Home Moms?
Users respond to their ideas on what types of home businesses are perfect for stay at home moms.

Top 10 Home-Based Business Franchises for 2011
Which franchise makes the best home business? Entrepreneur has completed their 2011 research and published their top home-based franchise results.

20 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs - Telecommuting Jobs
20 legitimate work at home jobs found within the last two weeks. Pre-screened telecommuting jobs.

Medical Transcription Work at Home
What you need to know if you've been thinking about a medical transcription job you can do from home - your prospects may be better than you think.

Network Marketing Myths and Truths

Success Profile: Nicole Tate - Media In Action
Home business success profile of Nicole Tate, CEO of Media in Action

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