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5 Reasons to Start a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Why a Commercial Cleaning Home Business Makes Sense


5 Reasons to Start a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

So when did scrubbing public toilets and windexing corporate windows become so sexy? When home business buffs (um, not the naked kind) started realizing that a commercial cleaning franchise could be the perfect way to realize their dreams. Within Entrepreneur’s Top 2011 Home-Based Franchises report, a WHOPPING 60% of the top ten franchises were commercial cleaning companies. So what is the big deal about this type of home-based business?

  1. Stable Market:

    The janitorial industry doesn’t ride the boom or bust wave that other markets do (remember that whole “dot com” thing?). It is a steady market with consistent demand. This suits entrepreneurs who are a bit more risk-adverse.
  2. Simple Product Offering:

    Just deciding to do a home-based business can be complicated enough. What many entrepreneurs are looking for is a nuts and bolts product offering that is simple, easy to scale and has ongoing demand. That is what makes a commercial cleaning franchise so appealing. Nearly every commercial building is in need of some type of janitorial services and providing this service isn’t rocket science. Whether an entrepreneur decides to plug into an existing franchise model or build it from the ground up, you can see the appeal here.
  3. Repeat Business:

    These commercial accounts are perpetual, which means ongoing and consistent business. This is good for your employees and great for your books. It makes this business very scalable and your accounts receivable fat and happy (well -- maybe more like well fed).
  4. Entry-Level Workforce:

    The majority of your workforce needs no formal education and is able to learn on the job. This means no expensive training or recruiting costs. It is an appealing job to many laborers because commercial cleaning contracts are usually executed once office hours are over, an ideal second job for many skilled or unskilled workers needing evening or weekend work. Just be aware though, that with this workforce comes a higher turnover rate.
  5. Low Overhead:

    Outside of cleaning supplies and other essentials, someone interested in a commercial cleaning franchise doesn’t have to fork over a lot of cash to buy a bunch of equipment, vehicles or inventory (which can be a whole other headache).
  6. Now are you starting to hear the catcalls in your head? Not a bad looking home business.

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