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Home Business Idea - Independent Wine Consultant

Real Life Home Business Interview - Wine Consultant


Guide Note: - Since this article was first published, the representative I interviewed is no longer associated with The Traveling Vineyard. However, the information from the interview may be of value for those considering this home business opportunity.

If you're a wine enthusiast and would like to start a home business, The Traveling Vineyard may offer the type of business opportunity you're looking for.

About The Traveling Vineyard

In business since 2002, The Traveling Vineyard was founded by its parent company, Geerlings and Wade, the largest direct-to-consumer wine distributor in the US.

The Traveling Vineyard was created in 2002 from an idea conceived by Rick Libby to create a home wine tasting branch of Geerlings and Wade. He believed that the whole concept of wine appreciation and wine tasting was intimidating for most people and that many consumers purchased wine based on the picture on the label or the price of the wine rather than its taste. Libby convinced Geerlings and Wade to run with his idea and he was named the first president of the new company. Libby then set about building the Traveling Vineyard, and, although he is no longer with the company, it continues to grow, proving that his idea was indeed sound.

The Traveling Vineyard markets its wines through private wine tasting parties that are served by its network of Independent Wine Consultants. The consultants present wines during the tasting event much like they would be presented at a winery. The concept of home wine tastings is fairly new and is growing rapidly because it's a new concept and – of course – it's wine, which so many people love.

About the Interview

To learn more about this home business opportunity and to gain some insight first-hand from an actual wine consultant, I interviewed an Independent Wine Consultant for The Traveling Vineyard.

My three-part interview follows, so open a bottle of wine, relax and imagine what your life might be like for you if you chose this home business opportunity. And, while I'm not able to specifically endorse or recommend any business opportunity - it's up to you to research and make your own informed decisions - if you decide you'd like to give being an independent wine consultant a try or want more information on this home business opportunity, contact information is provided at the end of the interview. Enjoy!

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