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Baked Goods Home Business


Baked Goods Home Business

Overview of this Business:

If you love to cook and are good at it, you could start a home business selling homemade baked goods. To keep this business in the home though, you'll want to start small.

Pros of this Home Business:

  • If you love cooking, that's exactly what you'll be doing. You'll also have an opportunity to express your creativity.
  • This is an excellent example of creating a business doing something you love.
  • The odors from your kitchen can promote a sense of well-being and contentment.

Cons of this Home Business:

  • You need to know about licensing and regulations before offering food to the public.
  • You could spend many long - very late or very early - hours in your kitchen working around a hot oven.
  • While your family may love your cooking, your customers may not.
  • Competition may be tough and you'll need to know how to stand out against them.
  • If you are successful, it's likely that you'll outgrow your home kitchen.

What You Need to Get Started with this Home Business:

  • Sufficient baking skill and knowledge of safe food preparation and potential dietary issues.
  • A retail or food service background would be very helpful.
  • A supply of ingredients, room to store ingredients, a regular shopping regimen, and good suppliers.
  • Any licenses or inspections required by your locality.
  • An understanding of your competition and how your baked goods will stand out in the crowd.
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