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9 Part-Time Home Business Ideas

Grow Your Dream Business While You Keep Your Day Job


Many people have had a dream of starting their own business but are afraid to give up the security of their day job and risk everything on self employment. Others would like to find a way to supplement their income while doing something they love. Here are 9 businesses you can start from home part time and grow while you still have your full-time job. You're sure to learn a lot about running your business and you'll be able to test the waters without taking a huge risk.

1. Home Based Business Idea - Computer Tutor

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If you're good with computers and know your way around a laptop and a desktop and you have a patient personality, starting a part-time business as a computer tutor can provide extra income nights and weekends and give you time to start growing your client list and word-of-mouth referrals. You can get started with just minimal advertising and keep your services confined to a small area so you don't run up any travel expenses.

This part-time business can also lead to a new career or a business in which you expand your services by publishing eBooks, online tutorials and more.

2. Part-Time Business Ideas - Disc Jockey

Get ready to boogie down with a part-time business as an independent disc jockey. Since nearly all the events you would be hired for are going to take place at night or on the weekends, why not have some fun and earn a few bucks in the meantime? Although this business will require you to have some investments in music and equipment, it's perfect for the music hobbyist to gain experience in a competitive area where there are many wannabes and not enough professional caliber DJs out there. And, you'll get to be the life of the party, too!

3. Part-Time Home Business Idea: Home Safety Inspection Home Business

Help families lower their risk of injury under their own roof with a part-time home safety inspection business, an offshoot of the occupational safety and building inspection profession. This type of business lends itself especially well to starting on a part-time basis and working strictly out of your home.

While some training is required to be considered knowledgeable enough to offer advise to other homeowners, if you're already involved in public safety it's a perfect fit and business you can run after hours and on weekends, which your clients will love since that's usually when it's easiest for them to meet with you anyway.

4. Part-Time Home Business - Independent Wine Consultant

If you enjoy wine and hosting parties, becoming an independent wine consultant could be the perfect choice for a part-time home business. The most popular company that offers business set-ups for independent wine consultants is probably The Traveling Vineyard.

If you've thought about Tupperware or Avon, you might give the idea of being an independent wine consultant a more thorough look because it's ideal to start on a part-time basis - or keep part-time if you so choose.

5. Part-Time Furniture Refinishing Home Business

If you're good with your hands, a part-time furniture refinishing business could be just the ticket for you to start doing something you actually enjoy. Since your work will be done in your home shop, you can arrange to pick up pieces on certain designated evenings or weekends and do the work in your spare time. You'll gain additional experience and referrals, you'll earn some extra money, you don't need a gazillion dollars worth of equipment to get started and you just might have a lot of fun in the process!

6. Part-Time Home Business - Wedding Photographer

Photographers can make around $2,600 for a $20,000 wedding. And, because weddings are almost exclusively held on the weekends, this is a home business you can start part-time while you build your portfolio.

The price of weddings is expected to climb significantly within the next few years, meaning a percentage deal will reap more money for the wedding photographer. A six-figure income is attainable for full-time, seasoned wedding photography pros, so the business has very good growth potential and could turn into a full-time pursuit in a short time.

7. Part-Time Home Business - eBay Trading Assistant

If you've had success as a seller on eBay, you probably have plenty of tips and tricks up your sleeve that could help others succeed in selling on eBay too. Plus, you'll make money doing it!

eBay Trading Assistants who operate a home business typically go out to client's homes or businesses to photograph and pick up items and then sell them on eBay on consignment, with the Trading Assistant handling all of the details of the sale and collecting a commission once the item is sold.

eBay's continued popularity is making the Trading Assistant idea a popular idea too, as evidenced by neighborhood storefronts popping up in many areas. However, as a part-time eBay Trading Assistant you can differentiate yourself by coming right to the home.

8. Affiliate Marketing Online Home Business

Virtually any business you start online can be handled on a part-time basis as you build traffic and revenues during the early startup days. Over time you'll learn the tricks of the trade and how to maximize traffic and click throughs to boost your earnings. If you love being online and are looking for an online business that requires a tiny initial investment that you can do whenever you want, an affiliate marketing home business may be just the ticket for you.

9. Part-Time Small Business Ideas - Party Planner

Party planner engagements can range from weddings and product launches to corporate seminars and awards dinners. Tasks can include renting a hall, mailing out engraved invitations, coming up with a theme, booking entertainment, deciding on the food and hiring waitstaff.

It's easy to see how this could be a time-consuming full-time home business, but you don't necessarily have to start that way. You might even consider volunteering to plan a few upcoming events for family and friends to get your experience.

Once party planners establish themselves in their own business, their income potential can grow exponentially.

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