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These home business ideas all center on one thing - the home. Examples, include real estate staging, interior decorating and design, home repair and more.

7 Home Based Home Improvement Businesses

If you enjoy home improvement and you've been thinking about a home based business of your own, any of these 7 home based businesses could be just the opportunity you've been looking for. Not only are these good solid one-person home based businesses, they also lend themselves to being great home based businesses for couples.

Get the scoop on what the future holds along with the pros, c…

8 Outdoor or Seasonal Home Based Business Ideas
Ready to see the sunshine and take in the summer smells during your work week? It might be time to consider the benefits of starting an outdoor or seasonal home based business. Here is a list of eight compelling outdoor or seasonal home based businesses. Get the scoop about the pros & cons, startup requirements and earning potential of each...

5 Reasons to Start a Commercial Cleaning Franchise
Home business entrepreneurs are starting to realize that a commercial cleaning franchise could be the perfect way to realize their dreams. Here are five reasons why this is a great home-based business.

Pros & Cons of Starting a Lawn Business
A lawn care home business is flexible and the perfect idea for the outdoor enthusiast. Learn more pros and cons of starting a lawn care home business.

Home Business Idea: Window Cleaning Home Business
Information designed to help you get a squeaky clean start with window cleaning home based business.

Wallpapering Home Based Business
Information to help you keep from getting plastered if you've been thinking about starting up a home based wallpapering business.

Legitimate Home Based Business: Snow Removal
Starting a home based snow removal business could pave the way to great earnings during the winter season. Find out what you need to know before you start shoveling your way to self employment with this home based business idea.

Roof Repair Home-Based Business
You might climb to new heights with a home based roof repair business and have a view from the top. Find out what you need to know about this business and what you need to get started.

Bathtub Reglazing Work from Home Business
What you need to know if you want to start a home based business providing bathtub reglazing and other related services to homeowners.

Home Business Ideas - Refinishing Furniture
Refinishing furniture is not one of those home business ideas to take up on the fly -- either you already know how to refinish furniture, or you must learn through classes or an apprenticeship. Stripping, sanding and finishing chairs, tables, sofas and heirlooms require precision

Carpet Cleaning Services Work from Home Business
Those who provide carpet cleaning services know their shags from their plushes, and how to get them dirt- and bacteria-free in both residential and commercial settings. Review the pros and cons of this work from home business.

Small Business Ideas - Pool Cleaning Service
If you want to start a pool cleaning small business, you'll find plenty of opportunities -- meticulous pool maintenance is critical for homeowners, gyms, and apartments and motels. Operating a pool cleaning service is one of those small business ideas where you might have business year round or you might be able to take time off in the off season.

Small Home Business Ideas: Chimney Sweep
The pros and cons and what you need to get started if you're thinking of cleaning up in a home based business as a chimney sweep.

Home Based Business Ideas - Pest Control Services
A pest control services home based business has the potential to provide a healthy income. Learn the pros and cons of starting a pest control business.

Free Home Business Ideas - Deck Maintenance Service
A small deck maintenance and repair home business can produce a fine supplementary income. Fortunately for those in the deck maintenance field, many deck builders leave the servicing of decks to others. That's a lifetime of washing, sealing and restoring for a savvy entrepreneur to capitalize on.

Ideas for Home Businesses - Maid Service
A maid service or house-cleaning service spruces up or scrubs down houses and offices, aiming to build a clientele for repeat business. Most maid services begin as home businesses. Entrepreneurs who want to make it a career may eventually hire others to do the actual cleaning, while they focus on managing and promoting the business.

Work at Home Business Opportunity - Faux Painting
A faux-painting home business can enjoy bright prospects, and those who seize this work at home business opportunity often end up earning three times the income of a conventional home-interior painting business.

Locksmith at Home Businesses
Prospects for locksmith at home businesses are far better than average, building on potential customers' security fears. The business of keeping the wrong people out while allowing the right people in can gross an established locksmith with a mobile operation between $50,000 and $60,000.

Home Based Business Ideas - Floor Installation Services
What you need to know if you're thinking of starting on the ground floor with a home based business offering flooring installation services, from hardwoods, to laminates, tile and everything in between.

Home Based Business Ideas - Interior Designer
Interior designers are typically licensed, degreed professionals who decorate homes, offices and entire buildings. Interior decorators, who may or may not need professional licenses or as much formal education, often focus on the finishing touches, such as furniture, curtains and color.

Home Based Business Ideas: Garage Organizer
The pros and cons as well as the ins and outs of operating a home based business as a professional garage organizer.

Indoor Plant Care Home Based Business
Some find plant care to be therapeutic, and they may be perfect candidates for starting a home based business providing indoor plant care services to homes and local businesses.

Home-Based Business Idea - Gardener
Planting the seeds to get you started with a home based gardening and landscaping business, if you've been cultivating that idea.

Home Business Idea: Green Cleaning Products Distributor or Affiliate
Interview with Mary Findley, founder of Mary Moppins, discusses a home business opportunity as a distributor or affiliate of Mary Moppins green cleaning supplies.

Home Based Business Idea: Gutter Cleaning Service
Your services may be in great demand when you hang out your shingle as a home based gutter cleaning service. Find out what you need to know about this home business.

Business at Home: Hot Tub Repair
What you need to know if you've been considering starting a hot tub repair and servicing home based business so you don't get soaked in the process.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities - Handyperson
Living by your wrench and your wits as a self-employed handyperson can be one of the better home business ideas and opportunities for the motivated and mechanically inclined.

Home Theater Design - Home Theater Installation - Business Idea
Learn what you need to get started with a home theater design and installation business.

Holiday Decorating Home Business
A look at operating a holiday decorating home business, the pros and cons, what you need and more to start this type of home business.

Home Staging Home Business
A look at operating a home staging service as a home business, the pros and cons, what you need and more to start this type of home business.

Real Home Business Idea - Home Inspection Service
A home inspection business can be quite lucrative for a solo entrepreneur: Many home inspectors make between $250 and $450 for a thorough three-hour home inspection.

Home Business Idea: Home Safety Inspection Home Business
Help families lower their risk of injury under their own roof with a home safety inspection business, an offshoot of the occupational safety and building inspection profession. This type of business lends itself especially well to starting on a part-time basis and working strictly out of your home.

Business Ideas for Home: Home Remodeling and Restoration
If you love carpentry, why not consider starting a home remodeling and restoration home business? You can either offer to make improvements yourself, or if you're not the handy type, offer your services as a remodeling and restoration consultant instead.

Home Business Idea - House Sitting
House sitters take on a range of responsibilities for their absent clients: feeding and caring for pets, resetting alarms, watering plants, paying bills, collecting mail and keeping up the appearance that someone's home. In some instances, those who offer house sitting they may live on the premises while the owners are away.

Success Profile: Debbie Wiener Designing Solutions
Home Business Success Profile of Debbie Wiener owner of Design Solutions and creator of Slobproof furnishings.

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