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Work from Home Opportunities - Connections Planet


Who is Offering these Work at Home Opportunities:

These work from home opportunities are being offered by Connections Planet, an online community news service who plans to provide community information and news from one home worker for each postal zip code in the USA.

How Many Work from Home Positions are Available:

Connections Planet is attempting to staff one home worker per zip code, so more than 30,000 work from home opportunities are available until each zip code is represented.

What's Involved in These Work at Home Opportunities:

Each work at home community representative is required to report on the local community (zip code) in which he or she resides across 14 areas, such as churches, businesses, events, etc. A 15th area, census data, is automatically populated for each zip code. Each representative is responsible for selling low cost ads on each of these 15 pages. Each page can accommodate up to 12 ads. Representatives can earn additional income by selling ads in other areas of the site.

What Experience is Needed to Qualify:

No experience is necessary for these work from home opportunities.

Any Special Skills, Knowledge or Equipment Needed:

No special skills are needed. The basic ability to use an Internet browser to log on and report on your local community is all that's required. You do not need to know HTML - the company provides a guide to help you format your content. Being able to write coherently and being able to interest potential advertisers in placing ads would both be highly beneficial in being successful with these opportunities to work from home.

Is any Investment Required for these Work at Home Opportunities:

No. You are not required to pay any up front or ongoing fees. Your only expenses for these work at home opportunities should be the cost of your Internet access and any expenses you decide to incur in securing ads for your site.

How Much Can be Earned with this Work at Home Opportunity:

If a zip code representatives sells all 12 ad spaces on each page of his or her 15 page website, the current earnings would total $2,250 per month, which is one half of the ad revenues for that zip code. Home workers can earn additional income by selling ads on areas outside of their own zip code, earning 50% of the revenues generated by each placed ad.

Location Requirements for these Work at Home Opportunities:

None. You can live wherever you like and still take advantage of this opportunity to work from home. The only restriction is that you live in the zip code you represent, that you live within the U.S. and that your zip code is not already represented on Connections Planet.

Benefits Provided:

None. Those who work from home for Connections Planet are independent contractors. No benefits are provided and each independent home worker is responsible for paying his or her own federal and state income taxes as they may apply.

More About the Opportunities to Work from Home with Connections Planet:

About the Company

Connections Planet is a recently launched news and information site that provides its visitors with in-depth information about local communities. Each community is organized on the website by zip code. Each zip code will have its own sub-site on Connections Planet consisting of 15 pages, including information on the community's schools, churches, health care, sports, business news and more. The work from home host of each sub-site is referred to as a Zip Code Manager.

Overview of the Opportunity

Zip Code Managers for Connections Planet are not employees - they are independent contractors who work from home. As long as they stay within Connections Planet guidelines, they can pretty much write about whatever they want and do the work whenever it's convenient. You don't need to be web savvy or know how to write code - Zip Code Managers just log in and build their content for their site. The only real requirement is that you display an interest in making your community a better place to live and that you actually live within the community you want to represent.

More About the Compensation

Work from home Zip Code Managers are compensated by sharing 50 percent of the ad revenues that Connections Planet receives for their zip code sub-site. Each Zip Code Manager, or ZCM, is their own ad sales manager. If a ZCM sells 12 ads on each of the pages within his or her zip code (15 pages) for $25 per ad per month, the ZCM earns $2,250 for that month. Additionally, ZCMs can earn a share of ad revenues from ads they help place on other zip codes. Because these are not pay-per click or affiliate marketing ads, ZCMs receive the same amount of revenues even if no one clicks on the ads on their site.

For More Information and to Apply for One of These Work at Home Opportunities

More information is available on this work from home opportunity at Connections Planet website: http://www.connectionsplanet.com/zcm.htm. There is a link on that page you can use to send an e-mail expressing your interest.

Additionally, Connections Planet has published a detailed PDF Zip Code Manager Guide (available below) with detailed information on the work from home opportunity, sales tips work from home Zip Code Managers can use to build the ad revenues on their individual sites and a sample contract.

Zip Code Manager Guide (PDF)

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