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Marketing and Advertising Terms Used in Home Business

Marketing and advertising terms used in home business.

Article Marketing Defined
What is article marketing? The definition of article marketing.

Website Promotion
The definition of website promotion and a look at promoting business Websites.

Blog Marketing
The definition of blog marketing and a discussion of using a blog or blogs as a marketing tool for a business.

Value Proposition
Defintiion of the term value proposition, which is used in operating a home business and is important for every business to know.

Cold Calling
Definition of cold calling as it used when operating a home business.

ROI - Return on Investment
The definition of ROI or return on investment and how to calculate return on investment.

Competitive Advantage
Definition of competitive advantage, especially as it relates to small or home business.

Public Relations
Definition of the term public relations as it is used in home business operations.

Competitive Intelligence
Definition of competitive intelligence for home businesses.

Definition of the term positioning as it relates to home business operations

Content Marketing
Definition of content marketing, how it differs from direct marketing, and how it can be used to promote your business or yourself.

MLM Marketing - Mutli-Level Marketing
MLM marketing, or multi-level marketing is a popular way to start and run a business, but it has its pitfalls. The definition of MLM marketing from home business and work at home specialist Randy Duermyer on About.com.

What is a Press Release?
The definition of the term press release as it is used in home business.

Direct Mail
The definition of direct mail and a look at direct mail marketing for businesses.

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC
Definition of Pay Per Click advertising - also known as PPC - for home business.

Definition of entrepreneur

What is SEM - Search Engine Marketing?
SEM - The definition of the term search engine marketing (SEM) as it applies to home business.

What is Social Media Marketing?
Definition of social media marketing, its components and an overview of how social media marketing is used by both large and small businesses alike.

Marketing Strategy
Definition of the term marketing strategy as it applies to home businesses.

Internet Marketing
A definition of Internet Marketing, a term which is used for a variety of concepts that my be confusing.

Marketing Plan
The definition of a marketing plan with some information on what's included in a marketing plan for small business.

Market Analysis
Definition of the term market analysis as it applies to home business.

Market Research
The definition of the term market research as it applies to home business.

Marketing Mix
Marketing mix defined and an explanation of the elements of marketing mix - the 5 Ps of marketing.

Marketing Collateral
The definition of marketing collateral as it is used in home business.

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