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Do I Need a Home Business License?
Do you need a home business license? The long answer depends on your city and state requirements and whether or not you want to report your business. Learn more about the type of business license most home businesses require.

Employer ID Numbers - EIN
Securing and Employer ID Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service is often a required step if you want to start a business. This article discusses why you should consider getting an EIN even if you're not required to have one for your small business.

LLCs Made Simple
how to form a limited liability company LLC

Are You Charging Enough for Your Services?
Tips on how to calculate what to charge for your home based service business.

Why You Should Care About America's Debt Ceiling Crisis
America's debt ceiling crisis may seem complicated, but really, it's pretty simple. Our government has maxed out its credit limit and no longer has the ability to pay all its bills. This could affect Americans by increased interest rates, a worsening dollar and roil financial markets.

Opening Business Bank Accounts
Opening a business bank account is an important step for creating business identity since the IRS requires you to keep your personal funds and business funds separate. This article discusses opening a bank account for your small business.

Get Ready for Tax Season!
Information and Tips to Organizing Your Taxes

How a Home-Based Business Can Accept Credit Card Payments
A home-based business can accept credit card payments in a variety of ways, including securing a merchant account or using third-party processors. Andy Lax discusses how a home-based business can get a merchant account and accept credit cards.

Home Business Myths Debunked
Home Business Myths Debunked - The truth about running a business from home.

Employee Versus Independent Contractor
Are you an independent contractor or an employee. The differences in being an independent contractor versus being an employee are important when it comes to filing your taxes.

10 Best and 10 Worst US States for Small Business 2009
The Small Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council annually ranks US States on how friendly of a business climate they provide. Here is a summary of the the results for 2009.

10 Best and 10 Worst US State Tax Systems for Small Business
A review of the 10 best and 10 worst US states for small business entrepreneurs based on an SBE Council study of 16 state tax factors for small business entrepreneurs.

Do You Have Health Insurance Coverage?
Users respond to the question - Do you have health insurance coverage?

How Women Can Find Free Money to Start a Business
Prolific writer and business woman Kathy Wilson takes a look at how women can find free startup capital to start their own business just by making some adjustments to how they spend every day.

Free Startup Capital for Women
Most women, especially these days, have tight budgets and family expenses that make starting a business seem like a luxury. Here are some great ideas how any woman can start her own business and invest in her future and that of her families, with free money that can be used for startup capital.

Home Business Basics: Making Sure You Get Paid
Tips to insuring your paid for your home business services.

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