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Whiteboards Make Great Tools for Any Home Office

Nifty Multi-Tasking Whiteboard Helps Keep You Organized


I don't mind spending my hard-earned money when it comes to tools and equipment that will help me work more efficiently. When I look at the tools I use on a regular basis around my home office, I've grown to appreciate those that serve multiple purposes - the multi-taskers - because they provide extraordinary utility for their cost. In addition to my multi-function ink jet printer, one of my favorites is one I use every day - my whiteboard. Over the years it's turned out to be one of the most important tools in my home office.

I first discovered the power of a whiteboard when I entered the high tech industry. I found it to be a great tool for doing just about anything, including brainstorming ideas, sketching preliminary flow charts of business processes, jotting down reminders, and creating task lists. I didn't realize just how much I relied on it until I took a job where I didn't have a whiteboard available. Eventually, I was able to borrow one from another cubicle and hang it up in mine – ah, to be organized again!

When I started my home business I bought the biggest white board (about 36 inches by 48 inches) I could reasonably fit in my office and still afford. I'm very glad I did.

What a Whiteboard Can Do for You

Like a chalkboard only better, a whiteboard, or "Dry-Erase" board is a great multi-tasker for any home office. Among its nearly limitless uses, a whiteboard can help you:

  • Create To Do lists to keep track of tasks.
  • Visualize or storyboard design layout ideas, such as a web page layout or a brochure layout.
  • Brainstorm ideas, including ideas for your business plan or ideas for starting a business.
  • Store reminders.
  • Temporarily record information you want to save for later.

Because Dry-Erase markers are available in a variety of colors, you can leverage the use of color to help you quickly identify or categorize items on the board so your important items don't get lost on a busy board. Most whiteboards include trays for holding the markers used with the board, so they're always right where you need them.

Keeping Your Whiteboard Clean

Basic whiteboard erasers can be cleaned, dried, and reused until they fall apart. When your eraser needs cleaning, it will let you know by leaving a trail of fine marker dust behind.

The longer information stays on your whiteboard, the harder it is to erase completely. "Ghosting" occurs when you can see notes that weren't quite completely removed. However, the cleaning spritzer works very well and will make your board look new again in no time.

As much use as I get out of my whiteboard, I only use the cleaning solution a few times a year, so a small bottle of cleaning solution lasts a very long time. The markers last a very long time too, although your favorite colors will need to be replaced more frequently.

Pre-moistened, disposable towelettes are also available that not only erase your board but clean and condition it all in one step. And, you can store partially used towelettes in the top of the canister so you can get more than one use from them. Additionally, refillable board wipes dispensers are available that attach right to your board.

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