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5 Top Hobbies You Can Turn into a Home Business

Make a Hobby You Love Your Home Business


Here's a look at five top hobbies you might consider turning into a profitable home business. Wouldn't it be great if you could work every day doing what you love to do best - your favorite hobby? The beauty of making your favorite hobby a business is that you already love it, you know how to do it, and you can start your business part-time.

These top hobbies teach you to be creative and show your artistic flair. The five hobbies here are mostly to get you thinking. If your hobby's not among these top hobbies, think how you could turn your hobby into a home business and have fun every day!

1. Photographer

Photography is One of the Top Hobbies for a Business - Photo by Stockbyte

Lots of us enjoy photography as a hobby, and it's pretty hard to argue that it's not among the top hobbies pursued in our spare time. And most who do pursue photography as a hobby usually have a favorite type of photography - landscape, portraits, still life, etc. But what if you could turn this hobby into a home business? You can!

One home business you might consider that would use your love of photography is that of a wedding photographer. But what are the pros and cons of running a photography business? This home business idea looks at wedding photography as a home business - but many of the concepts apply to any kind of photography business.

Home Based Business Startup - Wedding Photographer

2. Stained Glass

If your hobbies include working with stained glass, why not make a home business out of it? Stained glass is beautiful and makes a warm addition to almost any home.

While making stained glass windows and cabinet door inserts are just two of the ways you can turn stained glass hobbies into a business, because of the competition and because of constrained demand, you might also consider making stained glass decorative items that can be marketed as keepsakes or bric-a-brac at trade shows and fairs.

At Home Business Opportunities - Stained Glass

3. Picture Framing

Picture framing is one of those top hobbies that can be turned into a successful home business that often begins as a part-time endeavor, but picture framing can grow into a full-time, successful business with the right combination of craftsmanship, customer relations and advertising.

Ideas for Home Business - Picture Framing

4. Scrapbooking

If scrapbooking is one of your top hobbies, you could offer consulting to assist others in setting up attractive and long-lasting scrapbooks, you could create scrapbooks for others, or you could offer to give scrapbooking lessons to others.

If you haven't yet made scrapbooking one of your hobbies, but you've thought about it, one way to learn more about it is to attend seminars or adult education classes on scrapbooking basics. Attending such programs also provides you with some contacts you can use for potential customers, suppliers or advisors, plus you get to learn some great ideas from others in your class.

Scrapbooking Home Business

5. Faux Painting

Faux-painting has not only become one of the top hobbies, a faux painting home business can enjoy bright prospects, and those who seize this work at home business opportunity often end up earning three times the income of a conventional home-interior painting business.

Work at Home Business Opportunity - Faux Painting

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