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Information on creating a work-life balance when working from home or operating a home business, including giving and receiving family support, staying focused, and maintaining a good social life.
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4 Tips for Maintaining a Work Life Balance
Working from home can be ideal, but it requires concentration and a lot of will power to to keep a positive work life balance. Here are four tips to help you.

Work Less Using the 80/20 Rule
By using a simple time management strategy called Pareto’s 80/20 Rule you can work less but improve your level of productivity. Check out these simple tips.

Time Management for Home Business Owners

How to Run a Part-Time Home Business
Tips to Building a Home Business on a Part-Time Schedule

10 Tips For Staying Awake While Working
Most workers will hit a wall at some point in their day. Here are 10 tips to immediately solve your personal energy crisis.

4 Effective Time Management Tips
Here are 4 effective time management tips to help you improve productivity and efficiency.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Avoid Home Business Burnout
Avoid Home Business Burnout - Six tips to prevent and deal with burnout.

Beat Home Business Blues
Beat Home Business Blues - Tips to Reigniting Passion for Your Home Business

How to Take a Vacation from Your Home Business
How to Take a Vacation from Your Home Business

The Benefits of Telecommuting From Coffee Shops
There are many benefits of telecommuting from home, however, telecommuters who leave their typical home or office workspace to work in a public place, like a coffee shop, can generate even greater levels of productivity.

How To Be Creative? Change Your Morning Routine.
By changing your morning routine, you can improve your creativity levels. Check out these 5 tips:

5 Work Life Balance Holiday Stress Tips
Consider these five tips to help ease the work-life balance frustration and pressure a home business owner feels during the holidays.

Best Places to Live for Telecommuters or Entreprenuers - Wher…
If you were a full-time telecommuter or had a home business, where do you consider the best places to live? Where would you move if you could live anywhere? Readers give their opinions on the best places to live.

Telecommuting Resources
A collection of online resources for those who work from home and those who would like to.

Telecommuting on the Rise?
Telecommuting is becoming more and more attractive as commuting expenses become a bigger and bigger burden on the family budget. Work at home jobs can offer considerable savings to employees.

Labor Day - Why and How We Celebrate
A look at Labor Day - why we celebrate it and how we can use the three day weekend to reconnect with families and get away from our businesses and jobs.

Preparing Your Home for Your Business
With the product or service you have in mind, can you handle the business from your home the way it is right now? If not, what do you need to do to get it ready?

What's Your Work at Home Job Strategy?
Many people would love to work from home. Some are actively seeking out a work from home opportunity, yet for others, the opportunity to telecommute found them. What is the best strategy to find employment that will allow you to work from home?

How to Find High Tech Work at Home Jobs
Work from home jobs are especially plentiful for high tech workers. This article answers a readers question on how to find work at home with a high tech background.

Work-life balance: Establish priorities
An imablance between your work and personal lives can make your stress level skyrocket. Find out how to restore the harmony. From the Mayo Clinic.

Work-life balance: Establish priorities
An imablance between your work and personal lives can make your stress level skyrocket. Find out how to restore the harmony. From the Mayo Clinic.

Working From Home: Finding Work from Home Jobs, Avoiding Scams, Home Offices
Work from home information, including tips for your home office, convincing your boss to let you work from home, avoiding scams, finding work at home jobs and setting up an office in your home.

Work from Home AND Keep Your Day Job
How to create a proposal to present to your boss to allow you to work from home. What you need to think about, what you need to include, and how you should present a work from home proposal to your present employer.

Getting Family Support for Your Home Business
Members of your family, at least those still at home or any family members who may need to make sacrifices or lifestyle changes in order to accommodate your business, need to know what you're up to and how it might affect them. If you have a spouse or significant other or children living with you, your home business will be a big part of their lives too.

Home Business Holiday Survival Guide

Running A Successful Home-Based Business With Kids
A two-part article from Susan Ward, About.com guide to Small Business:Canada that will help you manage kids while you operate a home-based business.

Why Do You Work from Home - Or Want To?
Why do people work from home or want to start doing so? Users weigh in with their own responses to this questions.

Medical Transcription
What you need to start a career in medical transcription, from health care services expert, Paul G. Hackett.

Help! My Family Doesn’t Support My Home Business
Tips to getting your family to support your home business goals.

Guide to Freelancing
What you need to know to get started in freelancing and several ideas for services to offer on a freelance basis.

Is There Legitimate Google Work from Home?
How to find real Google work from home. Work for Google without getting scammed.

Family Matters - Making Telecommuting Work
3 rules to use to get your family to help you as a telecommuter, from About.com's Guide to Mobile Office Technology.

Guide to Home Work

Telecommuting, or home work, is growing in acceptance and why shouldn't it? Home work can help lessen global warming, can save companies and home workers money and in many cases, home workers are more productive than their office-based coworkers.

This Home Work Guide is intended to help those of you who are looking but have not yet found a solid home work opportunity. It covers a…

How Did You Find Work at Home
Readers respond on how they found their work at home job which helped them meet their goal of working from home.

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