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Readers Respond: Are All Medical Billing from Home Programs a Scam?

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Scams are rampant in the medical billing education industry. One medical billing education company asked me if I could fight the Better Business Bureau's rating of F for their company because they were a work at home program. While I later confirmed that the BBB does not consider ALL work at home programs a scam, do you believe that all medical billing programs are scams? Why or why not?

Already started school

I've already started school and basically, reading your "do's and don'ts" my school is charging (padding) their pockets. How would I get out of this school to go on to another? [FROM MODERATOR - While this is not a place to pose a question, the answer would depend on the contract you signed when you started with the school. Read through it carefully - it should tell you.]
—Guest Shirley

Are they all Scams

Do all politicians lie? We can only hope not! I am a believer in good, and that usually plays against me in a lot of ways. I am also on a fixed income, and would like to return to a secondary educational institution for the chance of picking up some type of gainful employment. However, after hearing on TV of all the schools that are lying to enroll you for the money they make...who can afford to take that chance? So, for the past week, I have been scouring the net looking for that honest school, like all of the rest of you...I still have yet to come across one that offers accredited courses, and that will help (not get me a job) but help me find work. I really hate being on a fixed income, and am too young to be out to pasture.

Good Online Medical Billing Courses

Hi I know of a program at Kaplan Continuing Education online where they actually give you an online virtual externship where you download the software for the ICD 9 and the ICD 10 so that you have access to hands on experiece for as many weeks months as you need until you feel proficient. It is the Medical Coding Certificate Program and it is a 6 month program, 10 courses, self paced, 1 course at a time. They are actually one of the top schools in the country that are approve by AHIMA The Admissions Advisor is Theresa Horton and her number is 954-267-3557 The tuition is very affordable; only $3695 and they have financing for the total tuition upfront so you can get started right away. Great School!
—Guest Isabellard

medical billing scams

So were does a person find a lig program??? Also were are good school programs to learn billing and coding
—Guest colleen

Home Based MIB

I am currently a medical biller. I would like to work from home and eventually have my own business. To date, I have found that all ads to starting a medical billing business or work from home, are nothing more than links to schools selling courses I'm keeping the faith though, that there is a legimate business out there looking for billers to work from home.
—Guest Paula

home medical billing

I am working us process medical billing but I want home based billing
—Guest priya

medical billing/coding

I have an Associates of Science Degree Medical Billing/Coding. I graduated college Jan 2009 and I have yet to find a job in my new field. My college did not tell me that I needed to obtain certificates if I wanted to get a decent job. I am very frustrated at this point. I was told this would/could be a work from home job. I can't even get a job. My college did not stand by me and help me find employment. I have not even been able to find a work from home Medical Billing/Coding job so I cannot comment on if they are scams or not
—Guest Peggy

Medical Billing

I have my degree in Medical Administration with Specialization in Billing & Coding starting my own business looking for some information on working from home with my business Thank You [From Your Guide - the best place to discuss this would be in the forum - see http://bit.ly/bIcaQ3 ]
—Guest Wanda

I Certainly Hope Not

I don't think all medical billing programs are a scam. Medical billing can be a good work at home career or business. If you find legitimate professional associations with members who are actually in the profession, you should be able to find a good medical billing program you can complete at home and be successful.

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