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Readers Respond: Have You Ever Been a Victim of an Internet Scam?

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From the article: Work at Home Scams
Many of us have been exposed to Internet scams and, unfortunately, some of us have become victims. Have you been a victim of a scam on the Internet or through email, or did you come close to becoming a victim? What was the scam, what losses did you incur, and what did you do about it? Share your Internet scam experiences!

Renting a place in NYC per week

I saw an ad in backpage.com about a beautiful apt in Manhathan for a price of 550 per week, the person i exchange emails with, told me the owner will only accept wire transfer with a deposit and half of the rent will be a total for 575, that was neccesary for them to hold the property, so i did, i sent them the money and for my horrivle surprise it was no place for me to stay when i arrive to NYC, a horrible nightmare i went thrue...not only loose 550 that i do need, was the situation dealing with # big bags on NYC and trying to find a hotel last min... i end up spending way more money...please be careful about doing direct money deposits or wire transfers to anyone...please dont believe in great deals if ypu never hear about the company or person just dont do it...i tryed to share my experience with couple people and for my surprise im only the 2 billion 346 person that happen so yes this is more commun then flu...so sad.
—Guest Jen

Ghana Scam

I joined match.com seriously looking for a partner. In 4 weeks I have had approx 200 contacts. Of these 3 were real. 2 were US, 3 English the rest Ghana. It is obviously a very well organised system. I am being contacted without my profile being looked at. ???. I have people appearing on my yahoo that I don't know who know my name and details. ??? I have had the same photos from allegedly different woman. I have photos of 4 different woman taken in the same room. I also have multiples of these. The bottom line from Ghana is in love within 3 days. They then need money for passport, visa, medical report and police report. Then the airfare. Then they'll be straight over. The online chatters are usually different to who sends you the emails. Online chatters usually don't know what photos you are talking about. They will not answer questions. They do not have webcam. They are usually around 30 with dark hair and eyes. There's definately not enough room hear to record everything. It's unreal
—Guest beaubredli

Christian Dating Scam

I met a man on a christian dating site right from the beginning he talked about his shared intrest with my own. He told me that he told his pastor about me and that we need to start praying together never talked to one another. This all in the first few days. Then he sais that he had a trip overseas to close a deal and when he landed in London he contacted me... Got here safely of course he would. He asked me if I would open a checking account in my name so that he could transfer money he was getting in the form of a very large check and I spent hours trying to find a bank that would open me up a checking account with a 0 deposit becasue my red flags were going up and wagging. I was not able to do this in time enough for him as I did not hear again from the man I know his pictures were fake as they were so small you could hardly see him. Advise to the lonely do not give out your heart or you checking accounts to any man or anyone you beleive to be one. God Bless Be safe
—Guest Dummy

Job Scam

Got this today... notice the email address... Re: Drivers Wanted‏ From: Dr. Tin Nyunt (drtninyunt@gmail.com) Sent: Mon 7/05/10 1:37 PM To: Christopher Santana (chrisantana@hotmail.com) Hello, Thanks for your response to the advert on craigslist.Your resume has been reviewed.Do you have a present job you are doing? if so kindly let me know the time factor as this is a part time job.I need a driver that will work for me privately and this will not stop you present job.A driver that will be taking me around,I will be flying to Miami in 2 weeks.I will keep you informed on the specific date and time I will be arriving.I am coming to Miami on a research project which will last for 3 months. I will need your service 3 times in a week,3 hours per day.I am offering to pay you $430 per week.I am very straight forward and principled person and I want to believe you are good for this job and also keep to time that is very important to me. I have found a car i wan
—Guest chris santana

on line dating scammers

i was nearly a victim of an online dating site scammer.
—Guest lynn henderson

got no puppies today

the pups are 85.00 for the vet. tehn you find out they are in cameroon. there is a 440. refundable insurance for travel. that gets them to france where they remain till 1000.00 is paid for permits for them to inter this country. the sender has a wreck on her way and needs 150.00 for attorny to let her boy freind sign permit. you will end up with no dogs and no money and a broken heart
—Guest samantha

Tiffany duty free

Dont buy anything from this web site, my mother in law got robbed buying her christmas presents, if you call the 1888 nunber a guy called Jim answer pretending being a legitimate company customar service representative.

Profit Center Online - SCAM

I hate to admit, this is the first time I allowed myself to be victimized. Should have done more research prior. However, I only signed up for $2.95 and before I knew it, this company calling itself Profit Center Online with phone number 800-497-4988 charged my credit card $79.90 monthly. I asked for their business address and real company name but the person (who is in the Philippines) did not want to give me any more information other than to say I'm sorry. Bunch of crooks. Please do not fall for this scam. I had filed a complaint with IC3 - about the most I can do. If anyone can refer an advocacy group, or a federal agency that takes cases related to this scam, please post here. I am ready to file charges. Jane: Have you tried the FTC? Thanks for sharing - more people need to get mad AND get even. Randy D.
—Guest Jane

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