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Setting Up a Google Account

Gain Access to Google's Free Tools with a Google Account


Google has more to offer once you've set up a Google account. You can customize pages, view recommendations, and get more relevant search results when you're using Google Search once you've signed in. You'll also need either a Google account or a Google Gmail account in order to use any of Google's online tools, including, but not limited to:

You don't need a Google Account to sign up for Google's GMail, but the process isn't much different. In fact, if you know you're going to use Gmail, you can set up your Gmail account and use it to sign in to all of Google's online services - you really don't need both a Gmail account and a Google account. Here's how to create a Google account - step by step. Let's get started!
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Google Account Signup Part 1Setting Up a Google Account Google Account Signup Part 2 of the FormSetting Up a Google Account - Part 2Google Account Signup Form Part 3Creating a Google Account - Part 3
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