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Information on expanding a home business, including adding products or services, expanding distribution channels, servicing large clients, hiring employees, and more.
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Not Reaching Your Home Business Goals? Try This.
Alternatives to goal setting in achieving success.

Simple Customer Service Tips & Strategies
Here are eight customer service tips and real small business examples of customer service strategies to help you grow your business and gain repeat customers.

5 Client Relationship Commandments
Whether you are a freelance consultant, musician or expert bird caller, follow these simple rules in order to impress your clients and secure repeat business.

How to Write a Business Plan and Keep it Updated
Can you write your business plan yourself? What happens once it's prepared? How often should you update your business plan?

Making Multiple Streams of Income
How to Create Additional Sources of Income in Your Home Business

Three Ways to Grow Your Business
Erica Olsen takes a refreshing "back to basics" approach to growing your business. Keeping things simple can often lead to success.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Making More From Your Business
Simple Ways to Expand Your Marketing and Business to Boost Profits

Competitive Advantage - Building A Lasting Organization
Defining your business' competitive advantage is an important step in growing your business and outlasting your competition.

Six Signs that It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job
Six signs that you're ready to quit your day job and build your home business full time.

The Constant Quest For Business Growth
Ask any hard-working entrepreneur what he or she is working on and you’re bound to hear a comment related to business growth. Why? Because if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. It’s why we are all in business – to build or create something bigger than ourselves.

Easy Email Management for Busy Home Business Owners
Tips to managing email without wasting time.

Beat Home Business Blues
Beat Home Business Blues - Tips to Reigniting Passion for Your Home Business

Assessing Home Business Success
How to evaluate the success of your home business goals.

Growing Your Home Business
Once your home business is up and running you may be faced with a diminishing amount of time to get things done. This article from Russ Dalbey of the Dalbey Wealth Institute provides tips on growing your business that can lead to additional profits.

Becoming a Recession Ninja - Introduction
The Becoming a Recession Ninja series kicks off with an overview of how you can slay recession and hard times for your home business, as well as for your personal and family finances.

Growing Your Business - Strengthening Your Strengths
To grow your home business you need to identify your key strengths and then strengthen them. Finding these key strengths can be like panning for gold. This article by well-known business strategist Erica Olsen discusses how to find and stengthen the key strengths of your home based business.

Where Is Your Company Headed?
Someone once said, "There are three kinds of companies - those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened." Erica Olsen of My Strategic Plan provides ways to use strategic planning in growing your business.

Becoming a Recession Ninja - Part 3: Waging Battle to Victory
Becoming a Recession Ninja part 3 looks at taking swift, determined precision steps on the battlefield to slay your recession enemies, as well as learning from your success and failures.

Becoming a Recession Ninja - Part 1: Identifying Enemies and Allies
Becoming a Recession Ninja is a multi-part series on getting your business or your family through a period of hard times. Part 1 looks at identifying your challenges and opportunities - your enemies and your allies in a recession.

Becoming a Recession Ninja - Part 2: Developing a Recovery Plan
Becoming a Recession Ninja - Part 2 looks at business planning through hard times, or developing a battle plan and strategy for success to get your business or family through a recession.

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