1. Money

Managing and Growing Your Home Business


Once your business is up and running you'll want to take the necessary steps to make it successful and build up your home business revenues. This section provides tips and information on managing not only day-to-day business activities, but discusses issues you should be aware of in order to grow your business to increase your revenues and profitability as well as how to cope with growing pains that you might face in operating your home business over the long haul.
  1. Marketing Your Business
  2. Setting Up Your Website and Getting Traffic
  3. Promoting Your Business Online
  1. Getting All You Can from the IRS
  2. Growing Your Business
  3. Facing Challenges and Getting Inspired

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Materials

Once you have your home business up and running, you'll need to know all you can about marketing, since it's what get you leads and sends customers or clients your way. After all, without customers, how can your home business expect to survive?

Setting Up Your Website and Getting Traffic

In most cases, your customers will expect your home business to have a Website. Here's some information on how to get your site up and running, how to bring traffic to your site once it's live and how to make money through your site to help offset your expenses.

Promoting Your Business Online

Marketing Online

Marketing your home business online may or may not be important to you. For most home businesses, online marketing can comprise the largest percentage of the marketing mix and can be a relatively inexpensive means of promotion. Even very local businesses are expected to have a Website presence these days. Here are some ways to make the most of marketing your home business on the Internet.

Getting All You Can from the IRS

IRS Forms

You can't forget the IRS and any state taxes that apply to your business. Here are some tips and information on getting the most out of the IRS, pitfalls to be aware of and opportunities to look look for when it comes to taxes and your home business.

Growing Your Business

Business Growth

At some point, successful home business owners are going to face issues related to growing their business. For some who are used to working as a one-person operation, growth can be scary. But since there's only so much time available for one person to handle clients and customers, decisions need to be made. Here's how you can help grow your business and handle the challenges that arise.

Facing Challenges and Getting Inspired

Kathy Ireland

Once your home business is up and running there will be times when it seems there just aren't enough hours in the day. You may be faced with challenges and frustrations from time to time. Here are some articles designed to help you face challenges and get motivated through inspiration.

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