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What is Etsy



Etsy is an online buyer and seller community of strictly hand-crafted or vintage goods. Most products sold fall into the category of arts, crafts, jewelry, paper-goods, housewares and artisan candies or baked goods. Vintage items must be at least 20-years old to qualify and can range from costumes, clothing, jewelry, photos and housewares. Resellers are not allowed to sell on Etsy.

Why Sell On Etsy:

Many craftsman choose Etsy as an ecommerce partner because they are small, home-based businesses who need way to sell online. Due to a lack of knowledge, time or desire, these sellers don't want to set-up their own website, credit card processor or ecommerce platform in order to sell their goods online. Etsy allows each seller to set-up a customized online "shop" with full ecommerce capabilities by using it's simple set-up wizard.

How Much Does It Cost?:

Etsy offers a comprehensive ecommerce platform and payment system on which individuals can sell product. To create an Etsy store front, it costs sellers $0.20 per item to be listed. For example, if you sell hand-made necklaces and list four of the same kind, the fee will be $0.80. On top of this fee, there is a 3.5% transaction fee and if sellers elect to use Etsy's "Direct Checkout" feature, a 3% fee is charged on each transaction.

Pronunciation: Et-see
Common Misspellings: Etsee, Etsey, Etse
  • I create hand-woven baskets and wicker furniture. A friend recommended selling them online at Etsy because of its specialization in hand-crafted items.
  • Etsy is an online hand-crafted goods community of buyers and sellers.
  • Selling on Etsy isn't free, but it may be worth the cost to give your consumers access to your crafty products online.

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