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2012’s Top 20 Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

100 Home Business Franchises You Can Start For Under $50k


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Desperate to find a home business that fits your budget and risk tolerance? Well, search no more – a low cost franchise may be the perfect solution. Each year, Entrepreneur does a massive annual report and ranks franchises from a laundry list of criteria, such as stability, financials and start-up costs. The list is then broken down into various categories of interest, like best home-based franchises or franchises available for under $50k.

There is no doubt a home business can provide financial stability and greater control. With the economy on a continual shift and employers constantly gouging out employee benefits, many individuals are looking to take matters into their own hands by starting a home business. It is a huge plunge to start something from scratch and this is why franchises often hold so much appeal. They come with a proven business plan, franchisee training, operational guidelines and marketing recommendations. All of this makes for a much less risky business opportunity – which suits many would-be entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a low cost franchise, check out this 2012’s list of top 20 low cost franchise opportunities ideal for a home business:

  1. Sratus Building Solutions: Commercial cleaning services. Start-up costs: $3,450 - $136,200.

  2. Jazzercise Inc.: Dance fitness classes, apparel & accessories. Start-up costs: $2,980 - $76,500.

  3. CleanNet USA Inc.: Commercial cleaning services. Start-up costs: $6,660 - $92,950.

  4. System4: Commercial cleaning services. Start-up costs: $6,160 - $37, 750.

  5. Vanguard Cleaning Systems: Commercial cleaning services. Start-up costs: $8,000 - $38,100.

  6. Cruise Planners/American Express: Cruise and tour travel agency. Start-up costs: $1,600 - $19,490.

  7. CruiseOne Inc.: Cruise and travel agency. Start-up costs: $4,580 - $26,690.

  8. Chem-Dry Carpet Drapery & Upholstery Cleaning: Carpet, drapery, upholstery cleaning and tile and stone care. Start-up costs: $27,850 - $122,650.

  9. Heaven’s Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: Carpet and upholstery cleaning. Start-up costs: $44,900 - $65,900.

  10. Home Helpers/Direct Link: Non-medical care services. Start-up costs: $49,500 - $91,800.

  11. Anago Cleaning Systems: Commercial cleaning services. Start-up costs: $8,540 - $65,400.

  12. Novus Glass: Auto glass repair and replacement and accessories. Start-up costs: $15,400 - $206,800.

  13. American Poolplayers Association: Recreational billiard league. Start-up costs: $17,080 - $32,650.

  14. Mr. Sandless: Sandless wood floor refinishing. Start-up costs: $28,400 - $56,650.

  15. Buildingstars Inc.: Commercial cleaning services. Start-up costs: $2,200 - $52,800.

  16. Oxi Fresh Franchising Co.: Carpet cleaning services. Start-up costs: $34,630 - $57,000.

  17. U.S. Lawns: Commercial landscape maintenance services. Start-up costs: $8,500 - $75,300.

  18. Fast-teks On-site Computer Services: On-site computer repair services. Start-up costs: $34,650 - $60,600.

  19. SuperGlass Windshield Repair: Windshield repair services. Start-up costs: $9,900 - $31,000.

  20. N-Hance: Wood floor and cabinet renewal systems. Start-up costs: $35,600 - $118,450.

Here is full access to Entrepreneur's 2012 Low-Cost Franchise Rankings.

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