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All the Different Ways to Work From Home

A Snapshot of Telecommuting, Consulting, Multi-Level Marketing and Home Business


All the Different Ways to Work From Home
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According to a popular About.com Home Business Poll, those who wish to work from home are typically individuals who need additional income or a parent who wishes to earn income and stay home with kids. A home-based business is a great solution because the skies the limit, you can pick a job or business opportunity that fits around your current needs. To be clear though, working from home is not always a picnic. It definitely takes the right person to be able to pull it off successfully.


Not everyone wants to be completely free of an employer. Maybe it is the employee benefits or fear of the self-employment tax implications – whatever it is, telecommuting for an employer may be the perfect option for you. The only word of caution with this type of work is the fact that you may need to get childcare while you are on the clock (each employer will have different demands). For instance, if you are taking travel reservations for say, Jet Blue, you will need to be uninterrupted while on the phone during your shift.

Want to find an employer who will let you work from home? Check out this huge database of employer-based work from home jobs.


In-Home Private Lessons:
-Academic Tutoring
-Music Lessons
-Children’s Classes
-Special Skill Classes (like couponing, painting, computer software)

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities:
Multi-level marketing, also referred to network marketing or direct selling, is a great way to earn an income and control your schedule. These types of companies use direct sales and/or home parties to promote and introduce products to the consumer.

Legitimate network marketing is truly a different beast so you will want to make sure and do some research. Before investing time and money into products or training, it is important to realize that you will have to sell product and recruit people onto your team. For some people this is easy and natural, for others, this doesn’t come naturally and can cause a lot of discomfort. The best kind of company to sell for is a company with a product you like and believe in, because this will make your job easier. Additionally, it is important to realize the likelihood of making thousands of dollars a month in an MLM is slim. Those producers who tend to make the most money are only about 1% of the make-up of the company. Having said that, however, if you pair with a company that is ethical and the right fit for you, you will have the ability to make extra income for your family.

Consulting / Freelancing:
Consulting and freelancing are a great way to take an existing skill and profit from it. Marketing your education or work experience out to others is an excellent way to make additional self-employment income.

The best way to transition into a consulting or freelance position is to find work using online services like Odesk, establishing your reputation before heading out on your own and slowly building your business while still employed (where possible).

Consulting or Freelancing Business Ideas:
-Marketing Services
-Web Design
-Graphic Design
-Interior Design

Start a Home Business From Scratch:
If you really want to cut the employer cord, aren’t into MLMs or don’t have an area of expertise to market as a freelancer/consultant, it may be time to consider starting an actual business. It sounds pretty serious, but most home businesses are run as part-time ventures and can begin with something as simple as a hobby. To help you generate ideas, check out some of the different home business categories below:

Hobby-based Business Ideas:
-Picture Framing
-Musical Performer

Service-Related Businesses:
-Medical Billing
-House Cleaner

Product-Related Businesses:
-Custom Furniture Builder
-Gift Baskets
-Designer Jeans Reseller
-Handcrafted Clothing
-Handmade Baby Blankets

Franchise-Based Businesses:
-2012 Top Ten Home Business Franchises
-2012 Cheapest Franchises

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