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A collection of informative articles, links and other resources for marketing and advertising a home business, including how to improves sales and prospecting and suggestions for Internet marketing for home business promotion and making money.
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Stand Out from Your Competition
How a Unique Selling Proposition Can Attract More Business

50+ Ways To Market Your Home Business
Finding creative ways to market your home business is no longer a challenge. Check out this enormous list of over 50 home business marketing ideas.

How To Find And Sell To Your Target Market
The first step of an effective marketing strategy is to find and sell to your target market. Marilyn Guille explains how to identify and how to zero in on your target market using market segmentation.

Get the Most Bang for Your Internet Marketing Buck
Tips to affordably and effectively market your home business online.

Types of Marketing: Traditional & Internet
Help understanding the pros and cons of both Internet marketing and traditional marketing and how to best allocate your marketing dollars.

Free Ways to Market Your Home Business
Free Ways to Market Your Home Business

Affordable Offline Marketing That Works
Low cost offline marketing strategies to build your home business.

Complete Home Business Marketing Kit
A simple home business marketing kit designed to guide home business owners through research, online marketing, social media, website creation, business identity development and customer prospecting.

Complete Guide: How To Get Customers
Every home business needs more customers. Utilize this Guide to help you get organized, develop a prospecting plan and take action by finding customers and initiating a selling interaction.

Take the Stress Off of Sales

Simple SEO
Easy ways to implement search engine optimization SEO on your website

Branding 101
How to build, manage and take care of your home business brand

Get Paid to Market Your Business
Marketing strategies that pay you to promote your business.

Making More From Your Business
Simple Ways to Expand Your Marketing and Business to Boost Profits

Write Press Releases that Get Noticed
How to write a press release that gets media attention.

Viral Marketing - Tips to Getting People to Talk About You
Viral Marketing - Tips to Getting People to Talk About You

How Do You Use Twitter For Business? Here Are Six Ways.
It is time to start incorporating Twitter into your business. Here are six tutorials on ways you can use Twitter to expand your marketing efforts.

How to Use Linkin to Build Your Home Business
7 Tips on How to Use Linkin to Build Your Home Business

Market Your Business on Pinterest
Tips to Getting Started, Creating Pins, and Marketing Your Home Business on Pinterest

Ten Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business
Get the word out about your business with these ten business promotion techniques that are effective and inexpensive. From About.com's Guide to Small Business: Canada.

Email Marketing: 5 Tips On How Not To Spam
Email marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach your target market. In order to avoid ending up in your recipient's junk mailbox or getting a spamming reputation, follow these five tips.

How To Find Customers In 4 Easy Steps
Let's face it, finding customers is tough. A plan is necessary. By following these four simple steps, your business is sure to have a solid stream of interested prospects and sold customers.

Marketing vs. Advertising: What's the Difference?
Knowing the difference and doing your market research can put your company on the path to substantial growth. Find out why these two components are not the same thing, from About.com's Guide to Marketing.

Building A Lasting Organization Through Competitive Advantage
What does your company do best? Or better yet, what can your company potentially do better than any other company? And perhaps just as important, what can it not do best? Answers to these questions offer insight into your firm's purpose and are key to moving your company to greatness.

Understanding The CAN-SPAM Act
Understanding the CAN-SPAM Act is imperative in creating successful email marketing campaigns. Check out this simple breakdown of the law.

Learn How To Prospect
Finding customers is the most critical challenge facing any business. Learn how to prospect more efficiently by finding answers to these seven questions. Once you have done so, you will have a prospecting plan in place.

Home Business Marketing 101
Home business marketing typically means marketing with a small budget. Effective marketing is crucial for any business to grow. Basic prinicples and terms used in marketing are discussed.

Strategic Messaging For Direct Marketing Materials
Strategic messaging should be a routine exercise for any home business.Your marketing materials only represent the beginning of a much larger dialogue with your customers. Here are a few tips for initiating and growing this relationship.

Simple Advice on How To Make a Logo
Learn about the various components of a great great logo and the various options to create the logo.

5 Effective Ways to Get Clients
Five tips to easily and affordably get clients for your home based business.

Creating a Logo for Your Business
Creating a logo for your business can help establish brand recognition for your small business. This article discusses business logos, desiging your own or hiring a professional to design your logo.

Make Your Marketing Pay Off
With most home based businesses focused on driving fat out of their operations, it is time to figure out which marketing efforts are working and which need to be cut. This article by guest author Erica Olsen lays out tips for getting the most from your marketing efforts.

4 Reasons Why Your Marketing May Not Be Working
Common problems and solutions to marketing a home business.

6 Ways to Generate the Best MLM Leads
Lisa Willard provides a list of 6 ways to generate multi level marketing or MLM leads for a business.

How to Properly Name a Website
A simple guide on naming your business website. Learn which domain extension is best, what to do and what not to do when naming a website, and how to search for name availability.

Getting to Know Your Market and Competition
How will you differentiate yourself from your competition? What is your value proposition? What is your competitive advantage?

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