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How to Get More Website Visitors

Integrate Social Media & Website Updates Into Your Daily Regime


How to Get More Website Visitors
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When it comes to your business website, visitors don’t just appear. It takes good old-fashioned hard work to get more website visitors, but this hard work will pay off in spades. Learn why social media and website content updates can improve your website traffic.

Website Visitors & Updates: Numbers Don't Lie

According to a recent study completed by SiteKreator, “54% of small businesses update their websites less than 0.5 times per month.” That tiny number means small businesses are creating a website and calling it good - rarely going back to change or update anything.

On the flip side, “small businesses who updated their website more than five times per month had +300% more website traffic than those who did not.” If those statistics aren’t a compelling argument for generating fresh content for your business website, I don’t know what is. Search engines favor websites that are constantly updating. These favorable search results drive more organic visitors.

Keeping It Fresh

Here are a few suggestions to keep content fresh and updated for your business website:

  1. Add a dedicated blog onto your website
  2. Integrate with social media like Facebook and Twitter
  3. Create an image gallery
  4. Post industry news

Social Media

How much traffic can Facebook or Twitter really bring my business website? The SiteKreator study also shows that, despite the buzz in the small business world around the usage of social networks for marketing, 75% are not using it in conjunction with their website. However, “small businesses who do engage with social networks see a +400% increase in the visitors to their website as a direct result. Facebook has the most impact on traffic.” (Interestingly, Twitter appeared insignificant when compared to Facebook alone).

It is crucial to update your business website and incorporate social media. Take a few of the suggestions listed above, educate yourself on how to execute properly, and incorporate them into your daily business routine. If you are completely strapped for time, consider hiring a virtual assistant or contractor to assist you in updating content and managing your social networking.

To get you started, below are a set of guides to help you incorporate a blog, Facebook and Twitter into your website:

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