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7 Personal Services Home Business Ideas

Personal Services You Might Want to Offer as a Home-Based Business


Personal services are in demand from multiple sectors of the market:

  • The graying baby boomer market
  • Busy working couples
  • Overwhelmed and overworked single parents

As such, one or more of these seven personal services may be just the home business idea you were looking for.

1. Gourmet Pet Foods Business

Gaining popularity around the days of the TV series, Providence, and catching fire with the realization that many over-the-counter pet foods had been contaminated several years later, some budding entrepreneurs who love their pets are considering a home business making gourmet pet treats.

Home Business Idea: Gourmet Pet Foods

2. Wedding Planner

Care to orchestrate one of the most emotional, romantic, stressful days of peoples' lives over and over? Then say "I do" to becoming a wedding planner and start you own real home business.

Real Home Business - Wedding Planner

3. Professional Organizer

A professional organizer turns clutter and chaos into an efficient space for households and businesses. Jobs can range from organizing a small shoe closet to designing a storage space for a marketing firm.

Free Home Business Ideas - Professional Organizer

4. Licensed Day Care Center

If you love kids and can get by your local city and state requirements, you might just decide to start you own day care center. Especially if you've been frustrated with finding quality day care for your own children.

Home Business Idea - Licensed Day Care Center

5. Nanny Service

If you love kids but don't want to be bothered with licensing restrictions, you might consider being a nanny instead. Before you know it, you could have other qualified nannies working with you and earning you more money.

Home Business Idea - Home-Based Nanny Service

6. In-Home Personal Chef

With the increasing numbers of people who are just too busy with their work to worry about meal preparation - which could include many of us who are home business entrepreneurs - demand could be steady.

Home Business Idea - Personal Chef

7. Pet Sitting Home Business

If you care for clients' pets at their home, your start up costs for this home business are minimal. And, if you love working with animals you could have a lot of fun being your own boss as a pet sitter.

Home Business Idea - Pet Sitting Business

Other Personal Services Businesses

The different personal services businesses that could be covered here are nearly endless. If you haven't seen a personal services business that strikes your fancy so far, browse additional personal services home business opportunities.

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