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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn

What You Need to Know to get the Most out of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social network that's ideal for use in either finding a job or promoting a business. Why? Nearly 50% of LinkedIn users are the final decision makers for their companies. Plus, LinkedIn's popularity has grown to the point where it is now the largest network in the world for business professionals.

Whether you're already familiar with LinkedIn or not, this guide will help you get the most out of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Guide is intended for users at all levels, from dummies to pros. In short, there's something for everyone.

What is LinkedIn?

A look at the definition of LinkedIn. What it is, and how LinkedIn fits into the overall picture of social networking sites and online marketing. Read more.

How Does LinkedIn Work?

LinkedIn Signup Screen
LinkedIn. Screen shot by Randy Duermyer.

LinkedIn is sort of the professional person’s answer to “Six Degrees of Separation.” In fact, it even operates on a similar theory, providing people a way to use their own connections to gain new ones. Read more.

How to Create a LinkedIn Login

LinkedIn Log In Image
LinkedIn. Screen shot by Randy Duermyer

You can use LinkedIn to find jobs, promote yourself or your business and much more. But first, you'll need to create a LinkedIn login (account) in order to start using LinkedIn. Here are step-by-step instructions to do just that. Read more.

How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile
Screen shot by Randy Duermyer

Whether you use LinkedIn to network for your home business or to look for a job, your LinkedIn profile is an important aspect of using LinkedIn that you need to get right. Once you've established a LinkedIn login (set up an account) and you understand how LinkedIn works, you'll want to create an effective LinkedIn profile. Read more.

Controlling What's Public on Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Public Profile Settings
Screen shot by Randy Duermyer

If you've been networking on LinkedIn and have set up your profile, you may not have realized that you can control what others see when they view your public profile after finding you in a Google or LinkedIn search. LinkedIn makes controlling and protecting your privacy relatively simple when compared to Facebook. While those who become part of your LinkedIn network will be able to see your complete LinkedIn profile, you have considerable control over what portions of your profile are displayed to the public. Read more

How to Create a Custom URL for Your LinkedIn Profile

Custom LinkedIn Profile URL
Screen shot by Randy Duermyer

If you've been networking on LinkedIn and have set up your profile, you may not have realized that you can create a custom URL that points to your LinkedIn profile. An easy-to-remember URL is a good thing, and adding keywords to your profile's URL can help get you found on LinkedIn and Google search, too. Read more.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Work at Home

LinkedIn can help you find opportunities to work from home. You can also use it to find office jobs from employers who are open to allowing you to telecommute after an initial, successful time period with the company. Here's how to use LinkedIn to find a job, Read more.

How to Create a LinkedIn Badge

Sample LinkedIn Badge
If you're active on LinkedIn you can create a custom LinkedIn badge that will open your LinkedIn public profile when clicked. You could then use that badge elsewhere - on your website or blog, for example, or in an email signature file. Here's how to create a LinkedIn badge...Read more

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

It's easy to see why LinkedIn is considered the world's largest audience of influential, affluent professionals in one place. Like other forms of Internet marketing, marketing a small or home business on LinkedIn is relatively inexpensive and provides a lot of bang for the buck. If that's the market you are trying to reach, you need to get in the game. Here's how. Read more.

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