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Telecommuting: Finding Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

How to Get a Legitimate Telecommuting Job


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Legitimate Work at Home Job or a Home Business?

Let's face it, a home business isn't for everyone, but there are plenty of you who would like to find legitimate work at home jobs - at least if you could find telecommuting employment- maybe to be with the kids, maybe because you're at your best when you work from home. For whatever reason, finding legitimate work at home jobs isn't an easy task, and I know that many of you have been looking for the perfect telecommuting job opportunity for quite some time. I also know that the number of legitimate work at home jobs pales in comparison to the scams that seem to about everywhere.

Unfortunately, even when you do a Google search for "legitimate work from home" or "legitimate work at home jobs", many of the results are not legit either. The plain truth is that for every legitimate work at home telecommuting job opportunity out there, you can figure at least 9 of 10 are not the real deal.

With a Home Business You Have More Control

If you start your own home business (not one where you pay your way into an opportunity - there are plenty of scammers there, too) doing something you like to do, you'll have all the control and you can be absolutely sure you're not getting scammed. Your home business can be as legitimate as you make it.

Freelancing, becoming a consultant in a field you already have experience in, making products through a hobby, becoming a paid photographer, etc. are all ways you can start a business of you own where you work from home on your own terms. So if you can do that, you're well ahead of the game. You don't have to drop everything and do your business full time. You can start part time and build your foundation. Then, when you're ready (or when you have to, such as if you get laid off), you're business will already be up and running. There are plenty of resources for you here on About Home Business. Here's a good start:

Working Your Way Into a Legitimate Work at Home Job

Another way to avoid getting scammed and get yourself into a real, legitimate work at home job that will let you telecommute is to either take a job in an office and work your way into a telecommuting arrangement with your employer or approach your current employer about working from home - maybe not every day at first, but a few days a week on a trial basis. My article, Convincing Your Boss to Let You Work at Home will get you started in this area.

You'll probably notice as you search for legitimate work from home that some jobs for companies you already recognize - like United Health Care, Aetna and others, will allow you to work at home after a probationary period, which may be up to one year in the office. If you can do that, you'll also be ahead of the game and will avoid getting scammed.

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Let me know: If you've found a legitimate work from home job, how did you find it? Did you have a strategy or a work from home plan that worked? Do you have any suggestions for others who are looking for work from home jobs?

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