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Viral Mom - Online Business & Blogging Tips for Moms

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By Ann Smarty

Viral Mom - Online Business & Blogging Tips for Moms

Ann Smarty

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Viral Mom

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This blog was created with the only aim to help moms achieve success in blogging and online business. Being a mom myself, I clearly understand how it feels to become a new mom and to leave the job to stay at home with the kids. Moms are plenty. They are active and hard-working. I want to show them how they can achieve success online.

How Did You Set Up Your Blog and Get Started?

The blog is very new (I have just started it with help of my co-author Dick Schaefer). We decided to start from the very beginning - from topics on how to set up the blog and find your voice. We plan to cover all the steps to online marketing success and one day have a one-stop resource for moms entering Internet business.


  • Never give up! Even if you feel that you have made a huge mistake, learn by it and move on. The time will come when you feel grateful for each mistake you have made - because they have turned you into a more diligent person and a smarter marketer.

Randy Duermyer, About.com Home Business, says:

It is an honor and a privilege for me to publish information about Ann Smarty and Dick Schaefer's new blog about blogging and online business for moms. I've been following Ann's work for quite some time now and consider her to be one of the premier bloggers and SEOs in the world. Knowing Ann's work as I do, I know she provides straightforward, honest advice. I also know that my About Home Business readers will learn a lot from her and her partner in this great new blog.

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