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Readers Respond: Why You Work from Home or Want to Start

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I love to hear stories of why people started working from home and I hope you'll share yours. If you're not already working from home, why do you want to? Everyone has their reasons for working from home, what are yours?

Why I want to work from home.

I desperately need to do something now!! I have a total of 5 children. My husband has a good paying oil field job but with me not working, it's getting harder to pay the bills. I am a dental assistant but had to stop working when I found out I was pregnant with triplets. And with my salary, we cant afford daycare for me to go back to work. I'll be working to pay for daycare which really defeats the purpose of working.
—Guest Elizabeth

unemployed single mom

The reason I would like to work from home, is first of all... to be my own boss, be home for my kids, worry free of being laid-off, and to aleviate the commute time. I want to be assured that my bills and children will be taken care of. Overall, just have a stable income and be able to take my children on vacation. Being unemployed has really taken a toll on me and my children causing deep stress of not being able to pay my mortgage, pay bills, purchase food, clothing, as well as not having medical insurance. It really frightens me to think of my children becoming ill and I have no insurance. So being my own boss and working from home has a huge advantage over working for someone else.
—Guest Minnie

legitimate work at home jobs

I am a medical transcriptionist who has worked for the same company for 10 years. I am looking for a well paying, employee status, daytime job. i have not left my company yet and am very happy with my work, but i am a subcontractor and need employee status to get health benefits, paid days off, and hopefully, be paid by the hour instead of by the line.
—Guest SusanGuyon

Why I Really Need To Work At Home

Due to my recent health issues, I have opted to seek legitimate opportunities for working at home. I have no transportation and cannot stand or sit for long periods of time. Working at home, I would be able to decide when I need to stand or sit.
—Guest CissyAnn

I Work from My Home for several reasons.

First, because I know there is more to me then going to a job where I get paid what they determine I'm worth. With this economy it's about pay cuts, not raises. I want to make a difference. I help people lose weight nutritionally, get the results they want from work outs and overall be healthier. There is nothing like watching someone come out from weighing themselves and they're crying because they have lost weight since last weigh in. You watch their confidence grow. Their energy increase. What a true honor to be part of touching someone's life like that. I'm working toward my future and retirement. For those wanting a business, I help them with that aspect too. What greater business then one you can help people with what they need - Health, Weight Loss, Performance and Financially. You can find me at Facebook - sellarsr@aol.com

Housewife Needs to Work at Home

I want to do work at home because I'm a housewife. Before I got married 2 years ago I was a working woman but right now I'm a housewife and need to work at home.
—Guest naznin

No Local Jobs for Memaw

I have recently become unemployed and was denied unemployment. I live in a small town and there are no jobs. I need an income BAD!

WAH for meaningfull life w/ selfrespect

I am a handicapped person and going to marry a handicapped man to prove that handicapped people also have dreams and choice of living. it is almost impossible to find jobs for the people like us specially in India so I want to work from home. I'll be very happy and thankful if somebody helps me to find a suitable job. I am MA in political science.
—Guest molu

Skip commute, have more time w/family

I am working at home 2 days a week but I would like to work at home more than that (maybe 3 or 4 days, probably 3 - I don't think I could convince my boss to let me work at home more than three days a week). I wanted to work at home because of the commute - even after moving closer to the office, it still takes about 1 hour to get to/from the office, and while I don't have to drive the whole way, I take the Metro subway, it's still hard to be away from my family (husband and toddler) that long. Plus I am expecting again and want to be able to establish a strong connection with my new baby as well. At home, I can stretch out the work a bit more if needed.
—Guest BookwormMama

Need a Legimate Work at Home Job

My neurologist put me off work because of my back. I can only set stand or work for a few minutes because of severe back pain. The Dr. told me its ionoperable and going to get worse. My back bone's cutting into my spinal cord. My wife has to relocate for her job from Pa to TN as the factory is relocating. My wife worked there for 34 years. My dad lives with us and he is 86 years old. I need to help make a little living and I have to find something very soon. I need something to make me feel useful again before it's too late. I just need a home job. [From the moderator: You should contact your local and state agencies to see if you can get help - perhaps in the way of vocational counseling and possibly SS disability. You are in a situation that is not likely to get any better without some outside assistance. I also encourage you to visit the About Home Business forum and look for discussions about work from home for the disabled. Also search this site for work from home for the disabled, as there are several blog posts with lots of comments that may help get you pointed in the right direction.]
—Guest Jim

Why I want to work at home

I am a single mother...I have worked my butt off to try and give my kids a good life..because of that I really haven't been around as much as I should have been..My youngest is 14 and has gotten into major trouble because of me being gone all the time at work..I need to find something that I can do that I will be around more..When I am at home he doesn't run the streets like he does when I am not around...I was leaving the house at 7 am and sometimes I wouldn't get home until well after midnight...I need to be home with my kids..I have already missed so much of their lives and I have nothing to show for it cause we do not have our own house and I am literally broke.
—Guest Teresa Ward

Why I want to work from home

Moved to a small rural town on Lake Huron 3 years ago, I am an LPN, had one job in a Hospice (main office was in a larger town) Moved here at age 60 to ready myself for retirement, bought a house, was laid off (in that order) and have been on unemployment ever since, unemployment rate here very high, I have only seen one new commercial business in 3 years, no growth= no jobs. I am being forced to semi-retire when my unemployment is up in Nov and I have signed up for SS, I have to have a part time job to make ends meet so I am looking to work from home kinds of jobs. So tedious trying to find one that will work out, your site does look promising :)In the past I have done medical transcription, however these companies want you to shell out $500 for digital response and I am not willing to do so on a maybe if you pass the tests kind of thing. Part time would be good.
—Guest Kerry

Want to Earn Extra Income from Home

I am looking to earn some extra income online part time.
—Guest ajit patil

Work from Home with No Politics

I want a legitimate job working from home. I am 56 yrs old and I want out of the office politics and back stabbing. I want a good environment. Home would be that enviroment.
—Guest Cheryl L. Leffler

Work from Home in Improved Environment

I want to work from home because of the every day hassle of being short staffed and dealing with LAZY co-workers and the Boss playing favoritism. It's just a bunch of crap in the work force ... it's all about WHO you know instead of WHAT you know. And I am not a yes person and have very strong work ethics and do not play politics.
—Guest Kelly

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